August 3, 2012

DIY: Neon Necklace

Neon Necklaces

Lately I've been in the DIY mood. Maybe it's the heat that makes me want to stay indoors and get all crafty. Either way I'm loving this kick that I'm in. After seeing a bunch of bloggers (aka Going West, Sorelle in Style) doing the DIY neon chain necklace I decided to give it a whirl myself since I have been lusting over some pretty expensive ones.

This is another simple little DIY project. All you need is a cheap crystal necklace and some neon nail polish!

What I used:
-Claire's Necklace
-Claire's Neon Nailpolish (scored them on sale buy 1 get one 50% off)

Start with one coat of nail polish paint on the crystals going all the way around the necklace.
Add extra coats a paint to really make the color pop.
Wait for it to dry! BAM your own Neon Necklace. 

What I love about this necklace is that it adds a nice pop of color to a simple look. It really makes a statement all on its own without being over bearing.

What do you think about this DIY? Would you give it a try?

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  1. That is so beautiful!!! How come I have never thought of that!?!? Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Jacqueline

    Mannequin de Vitrine

  2. This is the COOLEST thing ever! I have a sufficient neon necklace but I love that you can make your own colors with this! Ahhh, awesome.

  3. Love how this turned out! awesome DIY
    Happy Friday!


  4. I've totally been on the hunt fora perfect thrifted piece to try this myself! love the colors you chose:)

    XO Sahra

  5. they look great! Thanks for sharing!

  6. awww....adorable!! loved that you used nail polish!!

  7. That's brilliant! I can't wait to do that, thanks for the idea!

  8. I've seen this DIY done a couple times, but yours ended up looking the best in my opinion! Haha, love how it looks :)

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    Trendy Teal

  9. Great DIY dear!!
    I follow u (:
    Follow back?

    xx from

  10. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. That's such a good and simple idea! Well done :-)

    Also, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Emily ooo

  12. Amazing DIY!!, I follow you now :), kisses!

  13. Amazing idea! I'll try this!!!

  14. Lovely necklaces. Really tempting to buy. I'm a lover of costume jewelry and a plated chain is what I always wear at my outings. Maybe I should get a few of your designs too.

  15. this is AMAZING DIY>>love the result!!

  16. Great DIY idea!

  17. Love neon jewelry too!! Great post :)

  18. Hi Heather, your blog is AMAZING! I'm so glad I found it; I love your style and the DIY inspiration :) -Ezi

  19. I like your wonderful post, great style, interesting blog!!))
    Hello from Russia.

  20. I did a DIY similar to this, I'm now neon nail polishing everything!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!


    Leopard and Lillies

  21. The NEON lecknaces are great ! Love them

    Love Storm

  22. This is such a great idea; definitely gonna do this.

    Love your blog; I'm your new follower.

    Lots of love: Pauline

  23. oooohhhh! it looks really awesome! i need to do this!


  24. This is such a great idea! I will definitely try this ;) Love your blog! Please check out mine- I would really appreciate advice!

  25. THIS IS SO COOL! I've been into a lot of DIY at the moment too, plus I love statement necklaces, so this tutorial comes at the perfect time, thank you so much for sharing! <3 <3

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  26. Love this DIY! That Dannijo necklace is too awesome.

    When you get a moment, I'd be so honored and happy if you would enter my giveaway for a white gold three-feather peacock necklace - it's a beauty! I think you'll like it. :) The link is below.


  27. this is an amazingly cool idea!

  28. WHY are you so smart! My sister and I were both like... 0_0 when we saw how easy. Thanks for the inspiration, as always :)

  29. This is so cool! What a simple, yet great idea!! Your finished product looks amazing!

    x Aliya
    Hill Side Story


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