October 19, 2015

Inspirational Monday: Choose Your Mood

 photo Mood4_zpscdrketpe.png
Sweater: Forever21 | Shirt: c/o Lifetherapy | Jeans: Forever21 | Boots: Olukai | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  | 
Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

We've all had those days (weeks or even month) where we are in a funk that we can't shake. Lately I've been feeling like there is never enough time to get everything done. Work...school...homework...gym...LIFE. It's been hard, so stress has been an easy mood to slip into. For me when I'm in a mood I try to do things that I enjoy...or just take 5 minutes for myself. Whether it's buying a yummy pastry from my favorite cafe (Nutella Beignets from Maman) or taking a stroll in the park. When your in a funk take a breather...go do some yoga, drink some coffee, and just relax your mind. Your mood is within you...you just need to find out ways to search for it.

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 photo Mood3_zpszunlpl8t.png
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Lifetherapy creates scents that help create positive vibes. Fill your life with positivity and create an atmosphere that will exude happiness. Let Lifetherapy help curate your mood with their scents. They have everything you need to create your vibe, from body lotions to fragrances. #ChooseYourMood

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  1. so amazing!! ; -)0

    i invite to me too


  2. love this outfit! so simple, so perfect!
    Emma xx

  3. Definitely agree. Sometimes all you need is to take a walk to get you out of your mood :)


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