July 8, 2016

Foodie Friday: Quick & Easy Sugar Cookie Trifle

 photo trifle3_zpsmsle2g9w.png

Sometimes mistakes make you have to think on your feet and you end up creating something pretty damn good. My husband and I had this idea of creating sugar cookie strawberry cups using Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. Well not fully thinking this through when I pulled out the muffin tin and let them sit they started to fall apart. I hadn't thought about the consistency of the dough holding up. I already had used a whole roll and a half of dough, so I didn't want to toss it all out and buy new dough and to do a sheet. With some quick thinking on my part, I switched it up to a trifle. Okay more like a "trifle" since we are not fancy and don't actually have a trifle bowl. Either way it worked out PERFECTLY!

 photo trifle4rev_zpssfutuo9h.png
 photo trifle2_zpsvuexlchi.png
 photo Trifle_zpsuf7xfzp5.png

This is the perfect quick summer dessert for backyard BBQs or pool parties.

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