May 24, 2013

Macy's Fall 2013 Preview

Macy's holds a special place in my heart. It's where I met the "real" Santa...well more like cried in his lap and proceeded to tell him I wanted a puppy for Christmas. I never did get that puppy. As a kid, my mom would drag me around from section to section, touching and picking up everything for me to try on. I hated shopping then. Throughout the years I spent a lot of time shopping there for myself, special occasions, and the holidays. Lots of last minute gift purchases were made there on Christmas Eve. So when Macy's asked me to preview the Fall 2013 collection I couldn't help but feel a little bit nostalgic about it. 

The collection, in Macy fashion, was filled with trendy pieces for all ages, taste, and lifestyles. They even created a new athletic line where proceeds will go to breast cancer research. The t-shirts for this line were super cute and reminded me a lot of what Nike has been doing with their own woman athletic shirts. 

Lots of different prints could be found in this collection as well, from your typical stripes and florals to more cutesy fun prints like scottish terriers and scissors. One of my favorite lines was the MADE Fashion Week line. It played to the young woman, someone who might be in there 20s, working but still wants to show her fashionable side.

There were some stand out accessories in this line that are on my must have list for Fall 2013, including the double headed tiger bracelet. These pieces are perfect to take from work to date night. Or even from work week to weekend.

Then of course Macy's is known for their special occasion dressing, especially their teen dresses. I have to admit I'd would wear a couple of these dresses. I absolutely adored the rufflely floral dress with the beaded waist line. It's just the perfect little dress, something I could see myself wearing to my bridal shower. I also loved the lace and turquoise dress. The cream colored lace paired with the turquoise was a match made in heaven. It's a dress that I can see girls wearing to school dances or even to graduation. 

all photos taken by me. to see more of the collection check out my facebook page

Macy's always has something for the whole family. And this collection is nothing short of that! I already started my Macy's Must Have Fall 2013 List-- the eyeglass print sweater, the MADE white sweater with leather detail sleeves, and of course the tiger bracelet are on there for sure. 

What do you thing of Macy's Fall 2013?

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  1. I have the same memories from macy's as a child! And the macy's in herald square is always so fun to visit to see the displays. The tiger double headed bracelet has got to be my favorite from the preview :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. OOo I Love the jewels and that nerdy sweater


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