May 22, 2013

Things My Mom Never Taught Me: How to Wear a Bra Correctly

Not that I walk around with a bra on my head. Even though, I don't think I would get a second glance in NYC if I did. Or that my mom is, or ever was, prudish. Actually she is the exact opposite. My mother is a free spirit that was very open with me about my body and sex starting at a young age. I guess teaching a woman how to wear a bra correctly with a smaller chest is something that isn't taught; my mom too has a small chest.  Even though we barely have enough to fill up a cup and can get away with not wearing a bra, don't you think we should also be taught how to size ourselves correctly? "Stick a band-aid on it" as my bra stylist, Katie, from Intimacy laughed as we talked about lingerie companies not really catering towards woman with smaller chest. I've never ever splurged on a bra, unless you consider a Victoria Secrets bra a splurge, because I never thought I had to. I've always figured woman with large chest needed the support and comfort so with that came splurging on bras that would give them what they needed. Given the opportunity to get fitted and to be gifted a with a fancy bra and undie set from Intimacy I knew I had to jump at this opportunity. I've gotten sized at VS before but being sized at Intimacy was a total different experience. No measuring tape used, just their own eyes and knowledge. Katie not only helped me find the right bra for me but also taught me how to wear my bra correctly. For as long as I've been wearing a bra I've been wearing them too high. Thanks mom.

I've always been self-conscious about having a smaller chest. I'm a padded bra type of girl, to at least give the illusion that I have something. But I have become comfortable with my own body and have embraced my chest, embraced it enough to "stick a band-aid on it" or at least a flower petal with a top that I don't necessary need a bra with. I've never been the lacey bra girl since most lace bras are not the everyday look, but as I get older I want to feel more "sexy." At least if not for myself, for my fiance. Okay maybe getting to personal here. ANYWAY the Marie-Jo bra that Katie helped me pick out was just perfect. It's flirty with the scallop lace trim on the straps, the lace detail around the bra, and it was my favorite powder blue color. The set was just too darling not to pick out for myself. Actually the scallop lace on the straps reminded me of the Stella McCarthy Bra that I featured on here some time ago.

bra and undie set: Marie-Jo c/o Intimacy 

The experience at Intimacy was one that I would recommend to any woman. The stylist know their bras, know woman, and have an ease about them that won't make you feel uncomfortable. As I have learned, you should treat yourself to some fancy undergarments, even if they'll be something that you won't wear everyday. An amazing bra can do wonders not only for your figure, but for your confidence as well. No matter what size you are, it's so worth feeling sexy. I will be back to get my wedding day essentials from Intimacy, that's for sure!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! So many women (no matter if you are a AA to a J cup and beyond) do not wear the right bra size. Many women don't realize you should get resized when you go up or down in weight by at least 5 pounds. Wearing the right bra doesn't only make your clothes look better (as do proper undergarments in general) but also helps avoid things like back and shoulder issues (for the girlies with larger chests) to saggy books and the like (and yes even those with small breasts can have saggy ones). Thanks again for posting this Heather!


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