February 22, 2016

NYFW: Georgine Fall 2016

 photo georgine aw16_zpsuivxsguo.png

If there is one designer I look forward to seeing each and every fashion week it would be hands down Georgine. I was so disappointed last season when I had to miss her show because of school (damn me for being a good student). Luckily for me, her show was on a Tuesday night, a school free night! And this show was one not to miss. Georgine Ratelband's girls' middle name is Cool, she has a bit of an edge and a whimsicalness to her. This season Georgine played on the idea of a "modern day fairytale." She went back and re-read all of the classic fairytales from the Brothers Grimm (the folklore writers of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.). What would Little Red Riding Hood wear today? A fur lined (probably from the big bad woof) red parka of course!

 photo georgine aw16_zpsrqfmwdjr.png
 photo georgine aw16-2_zpsi51oip84.png
 photo georgine aw16-3_zpsjtfqireg.png
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Georgine Fall 2016 from Fashionista NY Girl on Vimeo.
all pictures taken by me. see more pictures here. 

One of my favorite looks was the play on Snow White with a cute quirky shirt with Grumpy written across it. I love the badass nerdy vibe to the whole collection. Who knew looking nerdy looked so good? Plus, loving the dark lip matching the dark eyes...I just wish I had a make-up artist do it for me. Every time I try a dark eye, I end up looking like a raccoon.

What do you think of this collection?

 photo BTS MH AW16_zpsmlylfxdk.png
 photo georgine backstage_zpsa1bwrpsw.png

 photo georgine backstage-4_zpsvjwrdnrm.png
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 photo georgine backstage-5_zpsxalf6jwv.png
 photo georgine backstage-8_zpsfqtm879u.png
 photo georgine backstage-5_zpsxalf6jwv.png
 photo georgine backstage-10_zpszb51pvu1.png
 photo georgine backstage-3_zpspivytngg.png
 photo georgine backstage-2_zpse77igrfc.png
all pictures taken by me. see more pictures here.

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  1. those jackets!!! LOVE

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

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