March 6, 2017

Style Guide: What to Wear at SXSW

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This week kicks of SXSW...and once again I'm wishing I was there. If you are headed to SXSW there are few items that are must to take with you.

 1. Cowboy Boots. I mean it is Texas after all. If you aren't sure if the country thing is your route opt for a pair of embellished these from Free people
2. Band Tee. Austin is all about the music scene so a band tee is much needed. A vintage one is even better.
3. Wide Brim Hat. Just like the cowboy boots if your not up to wearing a cowboy hat opt for a wide brim hat instead. Pair with a flowy dress for a boho look.
4. Sweaters. It's pretty warm down in Texas but at night it can get pretty chilly so pack smart and bring a couple of sweaters along with you.
5. Fringe Bag. A fringe bag is a must for any festival. Loving this Steven Madden bag plus the price is hard to beat!


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  1. Also love the jewellry in the above photos. Great ideas for SXSW - your suggestions are totally on point. Thanks for sharing!

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