May 10, 2010

Cheap Vs. Steep: American Apparel VS. Victoria Secrets

Cheap vs Steep

Cheap vs Steep by poetofsorts featuring Victoria's Secret swimwear
1. and 2. Nylon Tricot Maillot-V Swimsuit
$45 -

3. Halter one-piece monokini
$110 -

I'm getting more and more excited for Memorial Day Weekend. I planned a trip to Lake George for my boyfriend and I (it's his graduation present from me). I have a bunch of bikinis two I already know I plan on taking with me. One is my newly bought H&M bathing suit:


The bottom is the same color as the top. And the other bathing suit is an older black and white hawaiian print bathing suit (halter top and just a regular bikini bottom). But lately I've been obessed with wanting to buy a sexy one piece. I fell in love with Victoria Secrets one piece. I think it's super sexy but $110 for a bathing suit is a lot of money. I do like the American Apparel mostly because of it's price. I've been looking online for cheaper one pieces more like the Victoria Secrets bathing suit. I even went to the VS down on 34th street and couldn't even find it in stores. I thought maybe if I were to have seen it and tried it on I would have either hated or at least get a better understanding to as of why this bathing suit cost so much. Now I'm playing with the idea of getting the American Apparel swimsuit. Either way I will have to try it on.
Which one do you like more?

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