May 25, 2010

Inspirational Monday: Floral Bow Wedge Sandals from the Gap

NEW FEATURE! On Mondays I will now post some new clothing that inspires me or that I really love. The Feature will be called Inspirational Monday. It's good to get the inspired and the blood flowing on a Monday. Hope you all enjoy the new feature!

This Monday's Inspiration are these Design Editions floral bow wedge sandals from the Gap.

Design Editions floral bow wedge sandals $110

Aren't these wedges the cutest thing ever? I love the floral bow and that they are wedge sandals. They also look very comfy.

I was inspired by these shoes to create a set around them on Polyvore.

Gap Inspiration

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Gap Inspiration by poetofsorts featuring GAP shoes

Set from left to right starting at the top: Design Editions floral bow wedge sandals: $110 -; Ribbed Modal Over-the-Knee Socks: $13 -; Va Va Bloom Dress: $55 -; Silk Cashmere Long Cardigan: $410 -; Nude Lace Tail Jacket: $57 -; Ankle Color Socks: $6.50 -; Fluxus Off White Deep V-Tank Top: $79 -; Eyelet Floral Shorts: $65 -; VANTIES Bracelet: $75 -; Wildfox Couture (Whitehorse) Wildfox Couture Ice Cream Mega Babe Tank: $86 -; High-waisted linen shorts: $1,205 -; ASOS Jersey Strands Bracelet With Metal Chain Detail: $25 -; Diane stretch-silk corset: $720 -; Gold Button Mini skirt: $60 -; ASOS Long Jersey Strands Necklace With Fine Metal Chain Detail: $19 -; Ribbed Modal Over-the-Knee Sock: $13 -

Wedges are great for summer. You can easily dress them up or dess them down. Wedges sandals can be worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt. Or you can even pair them with ankle lenght pants. They perfect for any occasion; a night out, to work or even a summer wedding. I especially love these for the bow. I think the bow gives the sandal a little flair. I'm also into the look now with ankle socks or knee high socks with sandals. I think these would be a perfect fit for socks paired with short shorts or a short skirt/dress. With these sandals I would stick with the brown/beige/cream, grey, and green colors but would also pair it with some floral accents.

What do you think of these sandals? How would you dress them?

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