April 12, 2012

Rica Swimwear Summer 2012

It's that time again-- swimwear season. I have never been a fan of actually going swimwear shopping especially when you find a bathing suit but it comes in a set and your top and bottom don't match in size! My other favorite is when you try on a bathing suit and it looks great in the fitting room but then you get home and try it on again and it doesn't even look the same-- you find the muffin top that wasn't there or something else that didn't show up in the fitting room mirrors. Tricky bastards! #Girlproblems.

Last week I was invited to attend the Rica Swimwear preview by designer Ava Sanjurjo and given my current feelings on swimwear I was hesitant on attending but the fact that it was held at Caravan Studios and that it's only about 4 blocks and a avenue away from my office building I would  have felt guilty on passing it up. On the upside I'm really glad I did make it out to this event. Sanjurjo is not only talented on creating swimwear for real woman but she is super adorable and sweet. Her creations are made for the New York woman looking to get out of the City for vacation or for just the weekend. She plays with color but since most of us New Yorkers love our black she had some great black pieces with pops of color in them.

This collection is really made for woman everywhere looking to feel sexy and comfortable while out by the pool or beach. My favorite bathing suit was the two piece rainbow stripped bikini. It's just one of those bathing suits that flatters any size chest woman. Keeping those with plenty safely tucked in while those lacking in the department won't look like ..for lack of better words...flat. It also has the support that many triangle bathing suits are lacking not only the support for the girls but support to actually keep them in when a wave hits you. No matter how big or small the wave is those Victoria Secret bathing suits just DO NOT hold up against them.

This swimwear collection is one of the very few that I would actually gladly try on. And by few I mean she's one of two designers (the other designer is Mara Hoffman) on my list of bathing suits that I won't go kicking and screaming to try on.

**All above photos are taken by me. Visit my facebook page for  more pictures.

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  1. beautiful!the pink ones are so great.

  2. I love that last black one piece you posted! I'm really not a bathing suit kinda girl, but maybe I can ease into it with that little cutie!

    xx Olivia

  3. that's amazing ! you got an invitation from them :) lucky-*
    hope you enjoyed it!

    Btw, i love LUSH too. This website has a lot of LUSH brands.
    HERE is the website for my floral blouse that you like. Feel free to look around ;)

    Pinkbow Icecream

  4. These look amazing, and it looks like the event was so much fun too!

    Alexandra xo


  5. OMG lovely designs form RIKA....amazing BIKINIS

    Thanks for sharing...i hope you enjoied this event.

    Have a good night.

    You can check my blog in:


    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  6. Amazing swimwear! Love the black costume with the multi colours!


  7. thanks for the inspirations! im looking for new swimsuits :)


  8. gorgeous collection of swimswear. Love it!

  9. What wonderful pieces and such fun photos! Great post love! I am giving away 50$ to ASOS and I would love for you to stop by and enter!

  10. Looks great! Although I love neon/ bright or animal print in bright colors at the moment....

  11. Nice bikinis!


  12. Those swim wear are really cute! Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy.



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