July 9, 2012

Arrojo American Wave Giveaway

Every woman wants the perfect beach hair, waves, and curls. We try to succeed such looks with products that have salt water in them, hot-tools, and an array of curlers. Well ladies, Nick Arrojo, founder of my favorite beauty salon Arrojo Studio, has come up with a new professional wave and texture enhancing service called the American Wave. This service allows woman to permanently achieve the tousled beach waves they've been looking for, get texture with oomph, or even create beautiful looks of curls.

What is so special about the American Wave? These services last for months! The Beach Wave can last up to 6 months. While Style Support and Expanded Curl Patterns can last up to 3 months. Of course, since this is a service provided by Arrojo Studio and by Nick's Professional Texture Specialists it comes with a price, a price of $400. BUT for ONE lucky reader they will get the chance to WIN the American Wave service for free. This means getting pampered at Arrojo Studio. 

What you need to know about the American Wave service:
The American Wave is Thio and Ammiona FREE. "The system uses a combination of ‘soft tools’ to reduce the stress on the hair, as well as a specialized lotion that reconditions the hair for a smoother cuticle and natural wave movement. Additionally, instead of chemical compounds, the American Wave smells like eucalyptus." - Arrojo Studio. 

This service works only on certain hair types. It works with those who have permanent and demi-permanent hair coloring. This product DOES NOT work on those who'se hair has been highlighted beyond 25%. 

There are three options (which are shown above) but each works best on certain hair types:
The Beach Wave: Arrojo stylists use a vertical drag soft tool technique to marry straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled coveted beach waves. This style can be done on most clients hair weather you have straight or curl hair. 
Style Support: For clients with fine and/or straight hair, Style Support uses a new spin on soft tool wrapping techniques. It adds volume and texture to hair that lacks life and vitality by creating a resilient consistent wave.
Expanded Curls: For those with curly hair, Texture Specialists use a round soft tool wrapping technique to create buoyant and resilient waves and curls.

How the contest works:
This contest will be open to all residents of the NY tri-state area. So you MUST be local to New York City or be able to commute to Arrojo Studio.
YOU MUST COPY AND PASTE THE FORM BELOW (any comments that do not contain the completed form will be disqualified):

Why you want the American Wave (50 words):
Photo of you (Please provide a link. Preferably a head-shot so we can get a look at your locks):
City, State:
Email Address:

This contest ends MIDNIGHT July 22nd. 

13 comments so far

  1. Name: Lindsey
    Why you want the American Wave (50 words): My hair is just wavy enough that it requires plenty of time blow drying and straightening but not wavy enough to look good with just a little product in it. I would love to win the American Wave because it would drastically improve my look!
    Photo of you (Please provide a link. Preferably a head-shot so we can get a look at your locks): http://www.lsfashiondish.com/2012/07/scalloped-edges.html
    City, State: Boston, MA
    Email Address: Lindsey@LsFashionDish.com

  2. (and I am from NY so I do not mind traveling in order to get this done!)

  3. aww too bad I'm so far away! good luck everyone!

  4. Name: Jessica
    Why you want the American Wave (50 words): I have an in between wave that can get hard to mange on a daily basis. I always try to achieve the perfect beach wave but I don't always have the time in the morning. And most of the times my hair just doesn't cooperate. It would be a dream to get it done professionally and change my look.
    Photo of you (Please provide a link. Preferably a head-shot so we can get a look at your locks): http://pinsneedlesfashion.blogspot.com/2012/07/outfit-post-little-black-dress-pt-2.html
    City, State: Flushing, New York
    Email Address: jmh86@aol.com

  5. I'm not in need of a treatment, but anyway, great giveaway!

  6. Name: Christine C.
    Why you want the American Wave (50 words): My hair is pretty crazy. It's thick and curly, so anything that would make it even a little more manageable is something I'm interested in trying. And if it were something that worked for me, I could justify the investment into making my life a little less difficult.
    Photo of you (Please provide a link. Preferably a head-shot so we can get a look at your locks): http://i50.tinypic.com/334ncrt.png
    City, State: Flushing, NY
    Email Address: csteen85@gmail.com

  7. Name: Tania
    Why you want the American Wave (50 words): Working from home means I never have the time to pay attention to these things. Throw in planning a wedding this August and locks go by the wayside. The American Wave would give me a much-needed update just in time for getting married.
    Photo of you (Please provide a link. Preferably a head-shot so we can get a look at your locks):
    City, State: Queens, NY
    Email Address: taniakatherine at facebook dot com

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  9. Name: Maria
    Why you want the American Wave (50 words): My hair is either very curly (wild and unpredictable) or straight. I want to take to the next level, bring out its natural beauty but in more sophisticated way that doesn't require me watching Youtube tutorials on how to get the "beach babe" look!
    Photo of you: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/vidafuera
    City, State: Brooklyn, NY
    Email Address: disla.c.maria@gmail.com

  10. Too bad I'm in LA, or I'd definitely join this giveaway.

  11. This is a very interesting & awesome giveaway...I've always been in love with beach-y waves, so sexy!!



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