July 26, 2012

Urban Outfitters' BDG Fall 2012 Preview

If you have been a long time reader of this blog then it should come to no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Urban Outfitters. I was so excited and honored to have gotten invited the BDG Fall 2012 Preview. I remember when I got my first pair of BDG jeans and how I LIVED in them. I wore them so much that they started to tear at the knee (not that I cared) but it was when I put on my college weight and grew some hips is when I had to toss them. It was like losing a close friend because really there is nothing like a good worn in pair of jeans. That's why I love BDG jeans so much, they are fitted but yet comfortable. I hate starchy jeans and BDG are really anything but. Their texture is soft and light with a comfortable fit. This fall they are bringing out the show stopper denim prints: floral, horse, leopard, galaxy, feather, and more. Fun is Urban Outfitters game and they aren't shying away from it this coming season. I fell in love with the tie-dye effect denim along with the Isabel Marant look alikes, find the real deal here.

It wouldn't be an Urban Outfitter event without some cool girls doing cool things. They had three tables set up for DIYs: studding, lace bleaching effect, and fabric painting. Of course each guest got a pair of jeans to DIY (if we wanted too). I was really in awe of the lace bleaching effect. Many of the girls who picked out the red cigeratte jeans decided to try this. All they did was take some lace fabric, laid it over the jeans and sprayed a mixture of bleach and water over it. This created a cool bleach lace look.

Of course since I don't have the most comfortable or decent pair of floral jeans (my Delia*s jeans aren't cutting it-- my 25 year old body does not fit into teen jeans) I decided to go with the floral BDG. I'm so in love with the bold dark print. I also decided not to DIY them...I might have to try the bleaching effect on another pair of old jeans though.

What do you think of the BDG Fall 2012 Preview? Will you be buying any printed jeans this fall?

**all photos were taken by me. see more photos from the event here**

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  1. first of all, you lucky duck! and second of all, I love the outfit with the tie dye acid-y jeans with the studded belt. that looks so cool!

    Salem Style Crochet

  2. Looks like a rad event - awesome jeans!

    When are we going to see your floral nails?!

  3. OMGGGGGG swoon. I'm LOVING all those jeans! the cross ones are a little wild, maybe even for me, but I seriously LOVE everything else and am so jealous you got to go to this event!!

    XO Sahra

  4. I definitely want to try bleach with the lace look, thanks for the tip!

  5. I WANT IT ALL! Love all the colors, textures, oh jesus love all <3 Now I want to go to the store to buy them all.

  6. I really like the look of those grey/black/white bubbly tie dye pair. You could style them with all sorts. Sounds like a fab pre-view to be invited to

    Rianna xxx

  7. Great photos! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]

  8. Of course I will be buying printed jeans especially now. Thanks for sharing : )


  9. Great pics! I love the leopard jeans:)


  10. So many lovely things I'd like here <3


  11. Cool, there are a lot of really cool pants!


  12. Loved this whole post! So exciting to get a behind the scene view! AMAZING!!!
    Your blog is great, really enjoyed having a read through :)


  13. ooh lucky girl to be invited to the BDG preview! I love UO too. all the printed pants look so gorgeous and I love how they let people decorate their own jeans. it all looks so fun :D


  14. Im madly in love with printed denims..they look so stylish and chic. Thanks for the great UO review..I would love to have a tie dye one this season.

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  15. Wauw thanks a lot for this preview! I need to go buy jeans RIGHT NOW :) I love the floral ones that you've chosen btw! Great post :)



  16. Great pics! It's like being there all over again.
    As I said before, sad we missed each other, but sure we'll run into you soon! Maybe even in our BDG jeans ;)

  17. wow..love their fall collection..specially the jeans! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Style-Delights on Bloglovin

  18. Wow what a great opportunity! I would have loved to join in on the DYI!!


  19. This is such a great post!! I love the lace DIY on jeans. I would have never thought of doing that to get a print!!And I love your floral pants!! I think I need to invest in some cause those are just darling.
    xoxo asiahlynn

  20. i love it all! xx

    please check out my blog and follow . . .

  21. Such a great opportunity to be able to preview the collection. I love all the printed pants as I am currently obsessed with that trend right now. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q
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  22. WOAH! these are really cool! I love statement pants, these are all super cool and trendy, wish I owned them all-

    Would you like to follow each other?

    xx nathan.niche


  23. wow!!!! cool pants!!!

  24. the bdg collection looks fabulous! I can't wait until it hits the stores.

  25. All of these pants are TOO DIE FOR!!



  26. I would have had so much fun at an event like this! I might try the lace bleach project, that's so creative! I love the studs and floral jeans! Such a great combo!

  27. Wow!!! Alll those BDG jeans look super awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us :-)

    Emily ooo


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