July 23, 2012

DailyBuzz Style 9x9 Summer Hairstyle: The Messy Ponytail

I was chosen for this months DailyBuzz Style 9x9 Challenge and it's all about our favorite summer hairstyle! For me when it comes to hair and summer I'm low maintenance. I'm usually throw it up in a messy top knot on the go type of gal. Especially when it's those really hot sticky days, but lately I found myself playing around with my hair and trying different hairstyles. {GASP} Even waking up early to do my hair. This is probably because this is the first time in a long time that I had long hair. I really have fallen for the messy ponytail look since I'm a fan of polished looks with a messy finish. The messy ponytail is a easy to-do ponytail that works for us ladies that have some fringe.

What You Need:
- 1 inch curling
- brush
- small tooth comb
- hair tie
- thermal spray
- hairspray

Hair Products Used:
-Arrojo Set & Style SprayArrojo Thermal Protector, and Garnier Fructis Full Control Anti-Humidity Aersol Hair Spray

1. Spray a thermal protector spray to keep your hair from frying, plus if you have colored hair this will help protect your color. Spray some on the palms of your hand and smooth it in the tips of your hair. Brush it in. Then repeat step using a style spray like Arrojo Set & Style Spray. This will help hold your curls into place and create texture for your hair. 
2. Start curling your hair working all the way around your head. Don't worry about it being perfect since this is for a messy look the messier your curls are the better.
3. Once you did all your curls around your head spray just a little bit of hairspray to hold in the texture of the curls.
4. Break curls apart by running your fingers through your hair.
5. Brush the top of your hair into a pony hair. For girls without bangs it's easier if toss your head over and pull your hair into a pony tails.
6. Secure your look tightly and pull your hair starting at the front.
7. To create volume in your ponytail tease the back of your ponytail. Lift the ponytail up and use a  small teeth combo brushing down the back of the ponytail.
8. Go back over your ponytail with your curling iron to create more texture.
9. To keep the texture and volume in your hair spray hairspray once more.

What to Wear with this Hairstyle:
view more of this look here

This look works well with a dressy polished look since it gives it a summer twist to it. It can amp up your look and also play it down. It's a great hairstyle that can take you from work to after hours.

view more of this look here

This hairstyle can throw some fun into your weekend wear weather you are going shopping, to a sporting event, or just going to brunch with friends. Play with this hairstyle by doing a sporty chic look. 

What would you wear with this hairstyle?

**All above photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh**

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  1. I love that hairdo! Looks so funky and practical. :D


  2. great tutorial and adorable look!

    Lianna J

  3. I love messy ponytail!! Thanks for the great explanation, I will try it right away! :)



  4. what a great hairstyle.lovin the ponytail for summer days when it's so hoti loved the ''play'' outfit!so great.

  5. Great ponytail! You look so cute in your play photos!!

    Stacie and Carly


  6. So pretty! This is too freaking cute!! Love it!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Skinny Bitch Apparel on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!

  7. I love your post! I follow you!


  8. i love love the outfits!!! and also, the picture tutorial!


  9. fine pics!! :))


  10. Ha! will give it a try.... never get it right, looks cute on you.
    * STYLE ID NET *
    * Filomenas Closet *

  11. Whenever I visit your blog find good ideas.

  12. You're super cute - love the ponytail!

    xo Jennifer


  13. Perfect! I agree, it goes best with the sporty chic thing :)


  14. I do love a good messy ponytail any day of the week ;) Thanks for sharing.


  15. Ohh I love the photo editing... what did you use?

  16. haha! you're so cute i'm loving your blog! :)
    very nice tutorial :D


  17. Love the for work look :)


  18. Lovely!! Love your hair!!!


  19. A very nice hair style! I love it :)

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