September 20, 2012

Old Navy Fit for Fall Event Re-Cap

Last Friday I was invited by DailyBuzz Style to hangout and strut my stuff with some fellow bloggers at the Old Navy Fit for Fall event. This event was right up my alley: free colored denim, it's Old Navy so you know the prices are a steal, and the event was open to the public which means they had sizes from 0 to 16. I love that this event used the everyday woman to showcase their jeans. It really showed how these jeans do fit every figure. Plus they picked the perfect host-- Jenny McCarthy. I mean its not everyday you get to walk a runway and high five a celebrity. Also did I mention that the Backstreet Boys performed...okay to be honest I'm not all about BSB, I'm still an NSYNC fan.

Doing what bloggers do instagramming..
Christina from Profresh Style, Megan from TFDiaries, and me (taken by Megan)

We were also caught on camera by StyleCandy! UGH I hate my voice-- plus this was me starting to come off the cold I had....and mostly am a bit camera shy. But really guys I hate the tone of my voice, I always think WOW is that what I sound like!? --With that being said look for me I'm towards the end (1:42)!

As you might have noticed, me being me I couldn't go with the normal colors: black, white, or brown, because my closet doesn't have enough colored denim (sarcasm). So instead I went with the deep purple color. This purple color is not POW in your face, they are dark enough to not feel like you stand out amoungst the black in the winter but still has a pop. For me to really like denim the jeans can't be hard or starchy which these jeans aren't, they actually have a more of a jegging feel to them and are a bit stretchy. I love that these jeans can be taken from weekend to work by just playing with different looks. A casual top for the weekend with a pair of booties and for work a sweater and heels.

Top: H&M
Jeans: c/o Old Navy
Shoes: Dolce Vit
photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

What do you think of these jeans? Will you be falling into your fit?

***This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Shop online or In Stores and find your perfect-fitting pair of The Rockstar skinny jeans at Old Navy.

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  1. ooh them jeans are nice! you look lovely. if you get a sec, i have new post, would lov to here your thoughts! x

  2. shooes ! <3

  3. i wish i'd seen you walk! you looked great!

  4. AWW MAN! I was supposed to go, but ofcourse wasn't in the City. :(

    those purple pants are AMAZING!

    XO Sahra

  5. I love the whole look! Also that lipstick, girl, it is amazing on you!

  6. Aw I like your voice! Better than my super high pitched mickey mouse voice hehe love that color purple on you. Like how you modeled with your cell phone in your pocket ;)

  7. I love jeans from Old Navy and it sounds like this event was a blast! Thanks for the recap!

    P.S. Those purple jeans look fabulous on you!

    xo Olivia

  8. Wow you look stunning..and the jeans are simply chick!

  9. how fun! you look o0o0o0 hot damn fabulous in those purple skinnys! not many people can rock that color... but o0o0 do u rock it well! lovveeee it! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  10. i also have a zillion colors, but not purple...i might need to head to old navy!

  11. love your pants with the shoes.great mix xxx

  12. You look gorgeous here! I love the colour of those jeans & the way you've styled them with the striped tee & white platforms! I know what you mean about hearing your voice back, I hate mine too, but honestly you don't sound bad at all! :) I see so many US bloggers wearing cute (cheap!) things from Old Navy, I really wish we had one here!

  13. I totally love the Old Navy rockstar jeans. I have 5 colors, but would love to add these plum colored ones to my collection. Also craving the mustard hue!

    You look fab, hun. And you looked great on the runway. :) Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    xx Love & Aloha

  14. Great denim, and I love that you got to partake in this show! :)


  15. work it girl! I acually bought a pair of the colored pants from old navy and had to return them bc they fit too small and i went up a size :( Gah I am now on a diet haha

  16. Oh my gosh! Your outfit is so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  17. cute models :) love the blog, one of the best fashion blogs :) and here is one of the best fashion games site


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