September 10, 2012

NYFW: Charlotte Ronson Spring 2013

above photo taken by me. see more pictures on my fb page.

I want to go away on vacation with all of Charlotte Ronson's Spring 2013 looks. Seriously the cropped tops, flowy dresses, and beachy prints screams vacation. This collection is all about being young, playful, and fierce. Charlotte Ronson is like my little feminine rebel alter ego. I love the fierce sexy pieces like the crop tops paired with short shorts. And the little clear plastic jackets.

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The one thing that I wish was different about the show was the bags that went down the runway with the models. I understand that she wanted to show case her bag line as well but some of the bags were way oversized and you could barely see the clothes over the big bulky bags. Especially when viewing the clothes from the side.

What do you think of Charlotte Ronson's Spring 2013? Would you wear her pieces on vacation?

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  1. Love this collection - the prints and colors are so youthful and light. My favorite is the peplum striped ombre top - adorable.


  2. Aww man, typed up a long comment and it didn't go through, so here goes again! :)

    I would absolutely wear these pieces on vacation- I love the beachy prints! I also agree with your comment about the bags. I mean, don't get me wrong- I love a crossbody bag myself- but these large bulky ones across the body don't look particularly comfortable. I think it might have worked a lot better if they were all holding them on the side like looks #1 and #5?

    But overall, I love the collection- especially look #1. I would like to try the overall matchy matchy print like we were talking about yesterday- I'm curious to see how it would look on me!

    Way to go lady cranking out the NYFW posts- I'm still in the process of uploading pictures! I'm starting to go through all your posts now so far, so expect to see lots of comments from me :) And hope you're not going too crazy running around today and that you're having fun!

  3. OMG Those looks are all amazing!! I love them!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Check out my interview of Jane By Design Actor Bryan Dechart

  4. so cute! I would wear and pretend I am on vacation!

  5. woahhh loving the stripey blues!

    XO Sahra


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