September 13, 2012

Fashion Week in a Instant

1. Chadwhick Bell // 2. Nautica Menswear
3. Erin Barr // 4. Ellery
5. Joy Cioci // 6. Venexiana
7. Mara Hoffman // 8. Rafael Cennamo
8. Me at the Birchbox #samplestop // 9. Cab ride to Lincoln Center
10. Alice + Olivia // 11. Carlos Miele

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Just wanted to share some of my instagram pictures with everyone that I took over NYFW! Also thank you for following me on instagram (@fashionistanygirl), twitter and facebook. Don't worry I still have lots to post including a couple of guest blog post from some of my blogger gals. I just need some time to get through some edits. So stay tuned!

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  1. These Insta shots are SO nice! esp the joy cioci one ;) Oh, do check out my take on a Neo-Amish look, a potential pre-LFW ensemble?

    xx nathan.niche

  2. Great little round up, I think the Ellery one if my fave! Looks like you had a great week, I'm so gutted I'm having to miss LFW this year! Also, love your sunglasses in the cab photo!

  3. great pics heather! Wish I could have got in on the fashion week fun!


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