July 15, 2013

#shitfashiongirlsdo for Wang

There aren't many things I would stand outside in line for four hours for. Especially when it comes to fashion. I have designers that I admire, respect, and save up to hit their sample sale, but there is one designer that I totally fan girl...and his name is Alexander Wang. When the #wangsecret event went viral and was posted on a blogger community I'm apart of, a few of us knew this was an opportunity that could not be missed. But who knew we were going to take part in the most epic social media and social experience of the modern day.

Saturday morning rolled around, by 8am I was wide awake and ready to go. I found myself online with about 50 others including my blogger pals at 10am. Speculation was this might be a sample sale with ridic discounts and one of a kind pieces. Surely, this wasn't going to be your average sample sale or a sample sale at all since we were greeted with release forms to be signed. Yes, they were filming us. As time grew on updates from A Wang rolled out on twitter  and more guesses from those on line flew around including: a music video, a fashion show, and the least likely of them all free clothes? By the time I knew it it was 1:30pm and they had recounted all of us. I was number 45, I was getting in! 3 groups counting to only 100 were slowly let in by 2pm. An empty brick room with a projection waited for us. Another new guess: a scavenger hunt. As anticipation filled the room, the lights went down and Alexander Wang came on the screen. A simple thank you for coming and then the next words that I'm sure many of us were hoping but not expecting "Everything from the T by Alexander Wang line is free!" You heard nothing but screams after that. The doors open and the Hunger Games fashion style began.

I am not one for crowds or fighting over clothing. All I can clearly remember thinking was "Strategy: go for things that you know would fit you."Also stay away from the people trying to knock you out ran through my head. So I grabbed all the t-shirts that I can find available. I also scored two dresses since they looked like they could be my size. People were going crazy. There were boxes in the middle of the that apparently had sweaters on top of them (I missed that). But what I did see were people going bonkers trying to open these boxes. Were there bags, shoes or accessories in there? No. If there was I would have been willing to loss an arm for one. Some did have clothes. After what might have been 45 seconds of mayhem Alexander Wang peeked out from behind a black curtain to wave and blow us all kisses. Also his adorable niece, Alia Wang, watched it all from above. Probably scared the 3 year old for life. It was over and as the happy (some of us bruised) campers we fled the building. Tessa (of Anecdoche), Nicole (of NY On My Mind), Jaclyn (of Jax Fifth Ave)a nd Diana (of War Worn Fashion) headed over to the Standard with our new found friend Michael (he got there at 7am! first on line).  We went through our goods, did some trades, and drank some sangeria to calm the nerves. We were all still shaking from the whole event.

Some how I left unscathed. I wish I could say the same for everyone. Poor Tessa got knocked down and trampled, but managed to get amazing pieces like the sweaters I had missed. No maybe I didn't go as crazy as some others leaving with ARM FULL of clothes, but I scored pieces that I will wear and would have paid money for. Would I do it again? In a freaking heartbeat.

Now I wonder what they will do with the footage of us all going crazy. Social experiment? Opening of a fashion show? Fashion video?

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  1. You are so lucky! Thank god you didn't get hurt. I feel so bad for Tessa but I'm sure all her goodies are making up for the fall.

  2. lol this sounds crazy but also amazing. Wonder what Wang is going to do with the footage...

  3. Ahh, I am so unbelievably jealous! This sounds like such an incredible event, I would definitely have been one of the girls elbowing the others out of the way! Hah! ;) Can't wait to see your scores in some outfit posts, looks like you got some great pieces!

  4. really stylish outfit !
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  5. Oh man, this sounds like such a crazy/great experience! Can't wait to see you style all the goodies you got on the blog.

    star-crossed smile

  6. ummm AMAZING. You scored a once in alifetime chance and took it full force; you GO girl! SO JEAL BUT HAPPY FOR YA <3

    XO Sahra

  7. This is SO crazy!!! Glad you scored some pieces and didnt lose any limbs in the process :) I wish I had went!!!!


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