August 21, 2013

The Nail File: Londontown USA

 photo londontown_zps41b48787.png 
nail polishes c/o of Londontown USA: Kur Ridge Filler | Kur Nail Hardener | Lakur in Weekend Cheers

When it comes to my nail care routine I'm pretty basic: base coat, nail polish, and top coat. I tend to do at home manis at least once a week. It's important to have good looking nails, even though typically my nails chip by day one. Reason #1 why I splurge on good nail polish instead of going to a nail salon. Which brings me to this's nice to finally find a nail polish that didn't chip on the first day!

Thanks to Londontown USA they created magic an organic and vegan friendly nail care products that are not only good for your nails but actually last. Taking out five harsh chemicals from their "Kur" treatments mean less smell and more nutrients. Let me tell you, my nails seriously need all the help they can get. They are short, not very strong, and I have noticed that the tips of my nails they have imperfections which make it impossible to get an even coat of nail polish, even when I use a base coats.

To get my perfect Londontown USA mani I started with the Kur Ridge Filler to smooth and coat my ridges in the tip of my nail. Then to ensure that my nails get stronger and to create a bond for the polish to stay longer-- a layer of the Nail Hardener went on top. Of course, for the color I went with the most vibrant pink called Weekend Cheers. Yes, I might be a nail polish hoarder, but theres not much of a variety in my collection. You'll find lots of pastels, brights, and shades of pinks. What can I say I love adding pops of color where ever I can. So this beauty was the perfect addition.

 photo londontown2_zps9e26b044.png 
polish c/o Londtown USA (in Weekend Cheers) | bracelets: Bauble Bar

All three products were amazingly smooth. The best thing of all-- I didn't have to hear my fiance complain about the smell. You'd think after four years of living together he'd be use to it. Londontown USA is definitely my new nail addiction.

What is your nail care routine?

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  1. Ooh I'm always on the hunt for new natural nail products - organic AND vegan? I'm sold ;)

    sorelle in style

  2. Ooo, I've never heard of this brand before= thanks for the introduction! I'm pretty serious about my nail care and I do my nails pretty often, usually about 2 times a week. I love the shade on your nails in the last photo (and those pretty bracelets!).

    star-crossed smile

  3. I love how you did your review, the pictures are so pretty and stylish compared with just a "swatch" photo. I LOVE the pic of you holding the cup!

  4. lovelyyy this girl

  5. I admit- I go get manicures and rarely do my own nails. BUT I like bringing my own nail polish with me...which they don't often appreciate but hey! I know what I like. I'll definitely have to check out LondonTown USA polish because I HATE the smell especially when I DO do my own nails at home and it just permeates the whole apartment!


  6. Nice color! And do they really not smell? That's a plus! Haha, I know guys don't like it.


  7. I got to try their polishes at an event and picked Weekend Cheers ;) lol they were really great polishes, I definitely need to get my hands on them (literally!)


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