November 18, 2013

Inspirational Monday: Knee High Socks

 photo overthekneesocks_zps61977b82.png

Knee high socks brings me back to my Catholic School days. O, how I use to rock the knee high socks almost all school year round. To this day they are still one of my favorite pieces from my childhood. Unlike plaid, for awhile there I hated plaid because it reminded me of my school uniform. But knee high socks were always one of my favorites and still remains. I love breaking them out during the fall/winter months, whether its wearing bare legged, over a pair of tights, or skinny jeans. This weekend it was actually warm enough to wear them bare legged with a little dress and sweater.

 photo overthekeesocks5_zps4ea02e0c.png  photo overthekeesocks3_zps8ff73776.png  photo overthekeesocks2_zps4b915672.png  photo overthekeesocks4_zps9915fbe9.pngCardigan: Forever21 | Sweater: Forever21 | Dress: Urban Outfitters (old) | Shoes: H&M (old)
Socks: Urban Outfitters | Bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: No Names

pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

What do you think of over the knee socks?

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  1. I love over the knee socks! It's a great alternative to tights (and you don't have to worry about the static either).

  2. I love the look of over the knee socks but I feel like a little girl when I try to wear them. I haven't quite mastered the look yet but I'm going to keep trying! You look really cute here and I love the inspirational pictures you included above too.

  3. I love over-the-knee socks! Your styling is perfect!

  4. nice!! ;>>

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  5. I can't wear anything that reminds me of my Catholic school girl uniform either lol I cringe around Tartan plaid.

    I could get on the knee high sock trend because I get lazy about shaving during the colder months :x

  6. I wish I could do this look, it always looks so cool on other girls! I think it's just a bit too, I don't know, cute, for me? I always feel awkward! You look great though, and I just love those boots! Also, feel you on the school uniform - I think it's the reason bottle green still makes me go 'urgh!' ;)


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