September 23, 2011

Elene Cassis Spring 2012

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How do you get the final show at the Lincoln Center started? With a rock and roll violin player of course! That's how Elene Cassis started her Spring 2012 runway show. To bad this was an epic beginning that then became an epic fail, the whole ambiance feel short. Being that it was the last show I had expected the tent to be packed but let's be real why they allowed so many people into the Studio, why they even held the last show at Lincoln Center in the Studio instead of the Theater or the Stage, and why they let little kids in is beyond me. The whole experience was less then pleasurable and took away from the show-- at least for me it did. I had a child push her way in front of me (for that split second I forgot I was at a fashion show and though I was at a concert) and then she continued to climb all over me and the seat in front of me to try and see the show. The mother? Well she didn't care...and she cracked her gum through out the WHOLE show. It was just incredible rude. I couldn't enjoy the clothes or the music, it was the first show that played Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger." I had been WAITING for someone to play that song, since when I first heard it I thought it would be the perfect runway show song.

Anyway, from what I did see...I liked. It was a nod to Jackie-O with a modern day twist. Classic feminine cuts in black, white, and pastel colors. I also loved the eye catching handbags that she paired her looks up with. All her looks were a bit basic and can transform easily from day to night with the right accessories.

 pictures from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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