September 21, 2011

Guli Spring 2012

Guli's Spring 2012 Collection was desert perfection. Through out the whole show all I can think about was being lost in the desert wandering around with these beautiful, interesting dresses on and (shhh don't tell the boyfriend but...) with these gorgeous rugged looking men who walked the runway by my side...Or me riding a camel and them being my camel man. For the first time ever I was on a journey with this fashion show. Towards the end of the show woman walked the runway with wedding looking dresses and I started fantasizing how I would wear these dresses and what my desert wedding would look like. Crazy. I know. Yet exhilarating that this show could take me to a whole new level of imagination. Guli's designer Gulnara Karimova (also daughter of Uzbekistan's authoritarian leader) did a great job incorporating traditional Uzbekistan clothing and accessories with more modern clothing.

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Cirpriani restaurant was the perfect back drop to all these looks, with its dark rustic look and expensive looking charm. Sadly, Guli got the boot from the tents due to child labor protestors "alleging forced child labor in the cotton fields of her home country" ( I'm still not sure how to feel about all this...this was a revelation for me since I saw the protestors outside but didn't fully understand why they were out there till now...Even though they had a kid handing out flyers while they should have been in school (just saying!).  It's sad that if she uses these child labor cotton fields for her clothing becuase to me it really takes away from the beauty of her clothing.

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