December 2, 2011

Friend Friday: Christmas Wish List

Okay so this is a WISH list right? And every girl is allowed to dream of owning VERY expensive articles.....right? Well what will forever be on my WISH LIST is a Alexander Wang Rocco leather duffle bag until one day I am able to afford it myself or someone else can afford to buy it for me *wink wink nudge nudge to the bf* Or what blogger would I be if I didn't dream of or ask Santa for an iPad? Weather it comes on Santa's sleigh or's still on my wish list. Just thinking about updating from NYFW instantly and EASILY gives me the chills! Okay okay okay a pratical girl like me has practical wishes too like the Romwe Batwing Puff Sleeve Light-pink Jumpers. I just like to fill my wish list with wishful thinking items!

Here are some of the items on my wish list:

Christmas WISH List

What about you guys? Do you fill your wishlist with wishful thinking stuff or practical stuff...oooor a little bit of both?

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  1. We all want a rocco mini duffle :D
    It's just gorgeous!

  2. Loving those DV Jemma boots, totally want a pair too hun! :)
    Good luck hehe~


  3. haha love your list! You could just DIY the Alexander Wang bag!

  4. Need that Sweater!!! -Blerona

  5. lovely picks! i have the cambridge satchel... it scratches easily because its made from that smooth leather :S

  6. i want the orange shorts too!!!!!!

  7. I don't know if it's sold out by now, but yesterday the Rocco was 40% off on the Alex Wang site!

  8. Loving the shorts and great choice on the bag


  9. What a GREAT list! I would kill for every last one of the items you picked out!

  10. I definitely want this peacoat I saw from INC at Macy's. It fit so well!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  11. LOL i think our christmas wishlist is pretty similar!! i love every single item and i'm DYING for an ipad too :D

  12. I'm also so into the Cambridge Satchel Company bags. I love the colors, style and price.

  13. Visiting from FBFF. Great items. Loving the neon pink purse.

  14. OMG I'm in love with that sweater !!! It's so cute and soft and I also love the boots.

    Oh yesss I love New York :). Seriously did you hear people saying newyorkese aren't friendly ? I didn't had that impression :), maybe also because I live in a country (Switzerland) where people are pretty "closed".
    I remember that everyday, while walking in the streets, a lot of girls stopped me just to say : "I love your shoes" or "I love your nails" etc... ahah and this was kind of a surprise for me :). I had so much fun there and I hope one day I'll leave there.

    love your blog ^^

  15. I want everything here lol !! <3

  16. Thanks for your support, you have an awesome blog!

    Check out my blog and follow!! I'll follow back :)


  17. Your Christmas list made me want to do one for me (:
    Thank you for visiting my blog, if you want you can follow me, I'll follow you (:

    Let me know,

  18. Such a great choice!! Love them all (especially the pink sweater..)!! akiko
    Style Imported


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