December 7, 2011

Gift Guide: Gifts for Less

Looking for the right gift for the girl or girls in you life but don't want to spend a lot? Well here is a mini guide to some really awesome gifts for LESS.

Gifts For Less

1. The Glam Girl. All of us glamourous girls love to sparkle and shine. So give the glam girl in your life a sparkly shirt! This Zara Asymmetric Sequinned Top ($78) is the perfect top for girls who like to organize the after work cocktails. It can be worn with a blazer for daytime appropriateness and worn without for a party scene.

 2. The Colorful Girl. Know a girl that loves to add pops of colors to her outfit? Why not give her some fun colorful tights!? Topshop has a great collection of different colored tights with a price range of $8 to $16 each so that you can pick and choose your own bundle! The price range depends on the denier of the tights the thinner the tights the less expensive it is.

3. The Big Spender. Either we are that girl or we know that girl that shops way to much, she spends money like there's no tomorrow. Well a girl who whips out her wallet that often should have a great looking wallet to show off. The Mango plain front wallet is sleek in style and comes in different colors like the Make-Up color (shown above), black, gold, and leather. This also has a great price tag of $36!

4. The Homebody. For the girl who loves to cozy up at home with magazines, books, and a cup of hot chocolate get her a cozy pair of slippers. Target has afford and adorable slippers for $20. These slippers are perfect way to stay warm on those cold snowy winter nights.

5. The Beauty Queen. Nail art is a fun flirty way to show of a girls fierce side. For the girl who loves beauty products and is willing to try different products why not shower her with varied nail art products from ASOS. One pack of the Nail Rock products is $12.18 or you can do a duet pack for only $19! ASOS carries lots of different nail print strips from stripes to metallic to animal prints, your bound to find one or two that fits your beauty queen.

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  1. I like how you categorized the gifts. These are great gifts. The true meaning of gifts are not the price but really the gesture. This is a wonderful guide.

  2. This is such a good idea, I have a big group if girl friends so this is very helpful :)


  3. Wonderful post! :D


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