December 22, 2011

Holiday Style for Less: Sparkle and Shine Jackets

Add some sparkle and shine to your holiday dressing with a fun sequin jacket. Sequin jackets add a fun pizazz to a basic look like t-shirt and jeans or it can jazz up a dress and heels. It's an easy statement maker that won't break the bank. It's also something that you can wear through out the year for a fun night out on the town or to take a work outfit from day to night. 

Sparkle and Shine jackets

Oasis gold shirt, $45
Wool cardigan, $48
H M sequin cardigan, £25
Mango sequin jacket, £80
Coat, €58

1 & 4. Sequin Blazer. A sequin blazer is a fun take on a regular blazer like the Mango Suit Jacket. If you live in a region that isn't so cold you can wear this as an outwear for the holiday season. Pair up your t-shirt, jeans, and heels for a casual funky look that will take you from day to night. For a party scene wear it out with a dress or party skirt. Full on sequin jackets should be worn with looks that aren't full of sequins since you don't want to over load your look.

2 & 5. Glitter Cardigan. A little sequin cardigan can make a simple outfit sparkle for the holidays. The H&M cardigan is perfect for a holiday dinner with the family or In-Laws. It's casual and yet still dressy. It's also a cardigan that you could work into your rotation at work to replace your usual work cardigans.

3. Cropped Sequin Jacket. A cropped sequin jacket can be the icing on the cake for a party dress. You can play around with lengths by topping your maxi dress with a cropped sequin jacket. The Romwe jacket is an elegant touch to any little number.

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  1. That Mango sequin blazer is awesome! I think if you got that you could bring it out year after year.

  2. i looooooove the mango blazer!! but I think I prefer the H&M because it's more versatile :D

  3. I'm in love with that Mang blazer. What a great find!!

  4. Gorgeous choice! Love glitter look and Mango jacket look so gorgeous :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  5. I absolutely love sequin and glittery jackets! They are the perfect way to jazz up an outfit and perfect for the holidays!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  6. great list, would love to wear one of these jackets at christmas

    Travel in Style

  7. A sequin jacket is definitely next on my list! Thanks for sharing great options to get one :)

    xo erica

  8. Thank you so much for this amazing post!! Awesome jackets & awesome steals! Love the blog.

    stop by sometime! xo Jordana


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