December 12, 2011

Inspirational Monday: Winter Whites

Winter Whites

I always wished I was that girl that can wear all white and not get a single thing on her. But I'm a magnet for disasters and way to clumsy to wear all white. When I do wear whites I still fear that I will manage to get some kind of something on myself (hence why I keep a Tide to go pen at my desk at work). Either way I love whites. The idea of pairing up creams and lighter crisper whites together to to give it a little more depth makes me giddy. Some might say an all white outfit is boring but with that I find that an all white outfit is elegant and smooth. Specially paired up with the right accessories like a clean sleek white watch. Or if you are in the land of Harry Potter an Owl. If not simple small accessories along with a sharp white handbag like the Mulberry Bayswater Winter White Croc Nappa Leathre can polish off the look. Whites are perfect for winter because there is nothing like an elegant white outfit with the back drop of a snow covered city.

 What do you guys think of pairing whites up?

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  1. ahhh I would LOVE to have that mulberry bag!!!

  2. i love whites too but they're just too hard to mantain, especially coats because dry cleaning is expensive. beautiful ensemble <3

  3. Love the whites. They are lovely. Just don't know how people keep them so clean.

  4. Ooooh i'll have that mulberry please!


  5. Obsessed with your blog! Following now <3


  6. I love white, especially this time of year! That coat is gorgeous!


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