February 14, 2012

NYFW: Brandon Sun's "Silent Assassins" Fall 2012 Collection

 My little rocker girl heart screamed with joy when I saw Brandon Sun's Fall 2012 Collection called "Silent Assassins." The whole vibe of the Box was out of this world. This was my first presentation of the season and it was everything I was hoping his collection would be. The lighting in the box was just right-- dark to match the mood of the clothes but the lights were bright enough to focus on the clothes and enabled us to view the details of the clothing. The whole collection reminded me of a bit like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from the clothing to the jewelry (which was from Casrto NYC for Brandon Sun and Osanna Visconti). The best part of this collection was that it was full of pieces every woman can wear-- from the basic ivory cashmere sweater t something more dramatic like the shredded vest. I love collections where you can pull pieces out of collection and make them your own. This is what fashion is all about.

 Above pictures taken by me see more pictures on my fb page

What do you think of his collection?

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  1. I love it! Beautiful pics!


  2. great collection :)


  3. Wow so fierce! love this collection!


  4. Amazing collection! <3


  5. Absolutely unreal! Not only are the clothes amazing, but the setting is stunning as well.

    Alexandra xo


  6. Definitely agree that it was very 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'!


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