February 18, 2012

NYFW: Ruffian Fall 2012 Takes New York to English Country Side

above photo taken by me check out my fb page for more photos

It wasn't till the Fall 2011 Collection when I fell in love with designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian. I remember sitting at my office desk and watching the live stream of the Ruffian show and being amazed by the tailoring and their take of their menswear inspired woman's wear. Tuxedo pieces filled the collection-- that's when I knew I somehow needed to get an invite to their show. Spring 2012 didn't happen but when I got the invite for the Fall 2012 show I couldn't believe my eyes...I basically had a mini heart attack. My poor boyfriend had no idea what the hell was happening or why I was spazzing out. His understanding of fashion is minimal....

It was an early morning on the 3rd day...9 am show (which should be made illegal) but there was no chance in hell I was missing it. No snow or early morning call was going to keep me away. I rolled my butt out of bed and trek in the wet snow to Lincoln Center. There is nothing like the tents in the early morning-- quiet and calm. Like always the show didn't begin till 9:30am but once the first look went down the runway we knew we weren't in New York anymore -- more like the English country side. Long wool duster coats, wide brim hats, high collar shirts, and knee length skirts ruled this runway. Along with tweed and plaid print. My favorite looks were the high collar shirts, the black velvet body hugging long sleeve dress, and the dashing red duster coat with leather trim

photos above photos from style.com

What do you think of the Ruffian Fall 2012 Collection?

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  1. loving these ruffian looks! so great :)


  2. That hot pink look is absolutely divine!

    XX Kathryn

  3. Inspirational! I'm following! Wanna follow each others blog?

    The Stylectures

  4. The collection is so fun and interesting! Thanks for posting this because it's the first time I hear about Ruffian (my bad..) and now I love it! :D


  5. love that last really sleek dress!


  6. Gorgeous! Did you get a chance to see the nails?!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog so much that I gave you an award on my blog :) Go check it out!
    xo Veronica

  8. Lucky you! Looks like a gorgeous shoes. The pink jacket is all kinds of amazing.

  9. Oh what I would have given to go to New York fashion week. Your lucky girl!!!


  10. I've loved Ruffian for a few years, and this collection didn't fall short!

    You were so lucky to be there!

    jo from slowcatharsis.blogspot.com


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