April 24, 2015

Foodie Friday: Sparkling Margaritas

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Warm weather always has me craving to sit outside and sip on margaritas. As going out for drinks and dinner can get quite pricey I like to opt for making drinks at home on Friday nights or even on the weekends to enjoy up on our roof. I love whipping up cocktails and playing with unique takes on classics. This weekend I made my own version of margaritas with a bit of a twist!

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Espolon Tequila 
Powell & Mahoney Margarita Mix
Canada Dry Lemon Lime Seltzer water

In a cocktail shaker add ice, 1/3 cup of Margarita Mix, and a shot of Tequila. Shake. For a Margarita on the rocks add ice into a glass and strain Margarita over the ice. Top with 1/3 cup of lemon lime seltzer water. Squeeze a wedge of a lime into the glass. Garnish with a lime.

**If you don't have a shaker add ice to a glass then add 1/3 cup of Margarita Mix and a shot of Tequila. Stir. Add more ice to your glass and pour 1/3 lemon lime seltzer water. Squeeze a wedge of a lime into the glass. Garnish with a lime.**

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Of course you can increase how much tequila you like and play with the margarita mix levels as well. I found this drink not only yummy but quenching as well. I really like the Powell & Mahoney Margarita Mix over any others that I have tried, as it has a sweet taste and not so much sour so it doesn't leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The Lemon Lime Seltzer water from Canada Dry has a very strong taste so it pairs well with the mix and gives it a bit of bubbly to it. This is an easy cocktail to make for your Cinco De Mayo party or Summer BBQs.

What are your go to Summer Cocktails?

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