November 28, 2010

Dear Santa......

Those of us who celebrate Christmas all know that we have our real Christmas list and then the wish list for Santa. (I know that even those of us who don't celebrate Christmas have a wish list too.) The real Christmas list is what we write for our parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, family members, or who ever else will take a Christmas list from us. Then there's the wish list that we make either in our head, on our blog, or actually written down that we secretly wish Santa will hear/read. I know for myself that these are items that are either way out of reach or items that I want but don't want to ask for, these items are more in reach then something like an Alexander Wang bag or a Chanel bag. These items are more likely a dream list then even a wish list. Items like Jeffery Campbell Lita's shoes are more in reach but they are something I can't seem to ask for. It's like as I get older I start to try and reason with my Christmas list. This year it came down to shoes or a gym membership. And let's be honest here I don't really NEED new shoes even if they are Jeffrey Campbell's but what I do NEED is a gym membership, especially since the gym by me is not really within reasonable pricing but it is a gym that I would use ALL the time and would feel guilty about not going to since it's literally right up the block from me. So reason and NEED out won the want. Sure I could have asked the bf for them but I really didn't want him to spend over $100 on shoes for me. I feel like these are pieces that I can buy for myself, these are items I can treat myself to (which I probably will with the Christmas money from my family).

Anyway....Santa here is my wish list this year...
Dear Santa
Dear Santa by poetofsorts featuring high heels shoes

Items from left to right: 1. Zara Studio Wool Cape: $169; 2. Chloe Trousers: $845; D&G Alpaca-blend Fair Isle sweater: $440; Prada Patent Leather Loafer Pump: $850; Directions in Lace Maxi Slip: $148; Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo leather bag: $395; Jeffrey Campbell Lita: $160; Chanel; Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffel: $875

As you can see I have a bag and shoe problem. Alexander Wang, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs will always be the bags that I lust over. There is this woman who works in my building that has that Alexander Wang bag and every time I see her I die a little and wonder what the hell she does for a living! Also in New York City you can't travel without seeing a woman carrying a Marc Jacobs bag it's another stab in the heart. And forever and ever I will always lust over the classic quilted chain Chanel bags until I can afford to buy one. They are so timeless and are the perfect stable piece. One day I will own a Chanel Bag.

I'm in love with Chloe clothing and accessories. I love the fine lines and tailored looks of all of Chloe's collections. These looks are grown up and feminine. These pants are perfect from the color to the belt.

I love the Fall 2010 D&G collection. I love the ski resort look and feel. Yes places like H&M and Zara have stolen the look of D&G and made their own reindeer sweaters and so have a lot of other places that wouldn't cost you $400 for a sweater. But who wouldn't want something Dolce and Gabbana? I mean after all this is a wish list.

As soon as I saw Prada's Fall 2010 collection it was love. I drooled over the loafer pumps. I think it's the perfect twist on a classic piece ad Prada did a fantastic job on it. These shoes are ideal for work AND play. They are also another timeless piece.

Zara, Free People, and the Jeffery Campbell's I know are more reasonable then anything else on this list. All three are on this list for a reason....I'm obsessed with maxi dresses and skirts. I love the laced look of the Free People's maxi skirt. It's the boho chicness that I love. I'm obsessed with cape coats but still haven't managed to buy myself one yet. Cape coats are just so perfect for layering. This Zara cape coat is just effortless. Jeffrey Campbell...what more can I say. Especially these powder pink ones. They are the perfect pop for the winter months.

Another thing that wasn't added to the list is Miss Unkon pieces. I couldn't find her pieces on Polyvore but I'm in love with her work. Especially these pieces:

Of My Dreams Cape

If you haven't heard of this Australian designer you should check her out. Her pieces are so romantic and very fantasy princess like. All of her work is delicate and feminine. You can check out her blog here: and her website here:

So how bout it Santa? I promise I've been a good girl this year! I ate all my veggies, paid my bills on time, and did everything else good girls are suppose to do!! Now I hope you break into my apartment and drop off all these goodies ;)

What is on your wish list?

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  1. Looove the post :))))))


  2. Chanel will always be on my Christmas list, and my list for Santa. Haha!
    Love your choices!


  3. superbe sélection, j'aime tout, et les robes sont magnifiques

  4. I ♥ NY
    your blog is beatiful

    Visit my blog.

    Bye bye Mara

  5. Omg, love that cape!! So delicate and pretty!

  6. Wonderful wish list! I hope someday I will have a Chanel bag too. I understand about seeing other people with expensive bags and get jealous. And then I remind myself, what if they put them self in credit card debt just to have the bag? At least I am not 2000-3000 in debt! ;)

  7. Hi!

    You can purchase Miss Unkon & their Where Ever it leads dress at Damsel in Distress in Nolita, NYC!! :)

  8. Great list, love all the things.


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