November 17, 2010

Tis the Season for Holiday Dressing

Are you already thinking about the Holiday season? Planning your parties, your christmas list, and your attire? Yea me too. The Holiday season attire is always my favorite. There's nothing better than a beautiful sparkly party dress or skirt. This time of year is one of the rare occasions where you can get away with wearing sequins and glitter and making it look classy and classic, so why not go for it!

Here are some budegt friendly ideas for your Holiday wardrobe:

1. Sequin Dresses

Sequin Dresses
Outfits from left to right: Forever21 Sequin Strapless Dress: $28 -; Dune Laurent Chain Edge Suede Clutch Bag: $95 -; Christian Siriano for Payless: $45 -; 2. Tied Sequin Dress: $98 -; Nicolette Trim Heel: $26 -; Black Mesh Box Clutch Purse: $22 -; 3. Sequin Babydoll Dress by Rare: $110 -; Blush glitter clutch bag: $35 -; Miss KG Minnie Bow Front Platform Courts: $129 -; 4. TFNC Sequin Embellished Dress With Cut Out Back: $69 -; Faux Patent Peep: $26 -; Pieces Twist Lock Party Bag: $24 -

Sequin dresses are the perfect New Years Eve party dress. They sparkle and they shine just like the New Years Eve Ball that drops in Time Sqaure. Sequin dresses stand out in a crowd and really make a statement in the room. You can go with full sequin dresses like the Forever21 (1st to the left $28), Nasty Gal (2nd to the left $98), and ASOS (last to the right $69) sequin dresses. Or you can do a fun party dress that doesn't go all out with the sequins like the Topshop Sequin Babydoll Dress by Rare (3rd from the left $110).
When pairing up your accessories with your sequin dress keep in mind that you want to try and keep them simple. You don't want accessoires that are to dramatic since sequins is dramatic on its own. Pull in colors from the dress into your accessories like the first outfit on the left. Instead of just doing plain black shoes and bag, gold details are were pulled in to match the dress. The Dune Laurent Chain Edge Suede Clutch Bag from ASOS ($95) has a gold chain trimming and the Christian Siriano for payless shoe has a gold trim around the opening of the shoe. Small details like this is important because it adds to dramatic feel of the outfit without being to over whelming. If you do a dress like the Topshop sequin babydoll dress since it's not covered in sequins you can do a little more details and be a little bolder with your accessories. Try a glitter clutch bag like the Dorothy Perkins Blush glitter clutch bag ($35). You can also do a shoe with a bigger detail like the ASOS Miss KG Minnie Bow Front Platform Courts ($129). Don't be scared to pair dark sequin tones with lighter accessory tones. Try blush or nude tones when doing a dark sequin dress. This helps tone down the dramatic feel that a sequin dress has and especially if the sequin dress has it's own detail like the ASOS TFNC Sequin Embellished Dress With Cut Out Back, which has a fantastic cut out back.
2. Little White Dress

Little white Dress
Outfits from left to right: 1. River Island Blouson Pleat Dress With Belt at ASOS: $69 -; Glitter Platform Pumps: $36 -; Ruffle Front Clutch: $65 -; 2. Victorian Loves Lace Dress: $118 -; BCBGMaxAzria Two-Way Sequins Small Clutch at $68 -; Isabel Toledo for Payless: $45 - 3. Goddess Dress: $128 -; Cooperative Wool Toecap Oxford Shoe: $48 -; Betsy Johnson Ice: $140 -; Occassion Sequin Wristlet: $58 -

Forget the little black dress this year try something different and go with a little white dress. I understand you don't want to look like you're getting married. This is why I said little. Don't do a floor length white dress. Do something shorter with details or that has a different cut to it. Free People's holiday line is the perfect place to start looking for your little white dress. They have a number of white dresses to pick from but my favorites were the Victorian Loves Lace Dress (2nd to the left $118) and the Goddess Dress (3rd from the left $128). The lace to the Free People Victorian Loves Lace adds perfect little detail with the bonus of the tutu hemline. It's simple but not overly simple. The Goddess Dress from Free People has the perfect little bead detail around the waist line and a sheer mesh overlay. If you are looking for something more fun and flirty try a bat sleeve dress like the River Island Blouson Pleat Dress With Belt at ASOS (1st dress to the left $69). It's delicate and feminine but it makes it own statement by having interesting arms.
The little white dresses are perfect for parties that are a little more formal events but can also be turned down for something casual. These dresses are perfect for office holiday parties or a house holiday party. The other great thing about the little white dress is that you can play around with all sorts of different accessories. You can do something with a little bit of flare like the Topshop Ruffle Front Clutch (1st purse to the left $65) or do something with sequins like the BCBGMaxAzria Two-Way Sequins Small Clutch at (2nd to the left $68). For shoes do something that sparkles. Try a metallic heel or a glittered shoe. For the girls who don't like heels try a fun oxford like the Cooperative Wool Toecap Oxford Shoe from Urban Outfitters (last to the righ $48). Oxfords are a great take on flat shoes. They spice up an outfit and keep it interesting. They are perfect for casual holiday event. Try to stay away from the typical black and white. Play around with softer tones of silver and gold. The holidays is all about the twinkles and sparkles.
3. Seperate but Equal

Seperate but Equal
Outfits from left to right: 1. J. Crew Drapey Neck Sequin Tank: $70 -; Metallic Croc Pencil Skirt: $79 -; Gland Glitterati Heels: $23 -; Paparazzi Amalfi Gold Stripe Clutch Bag: $34 -; 2. . Crew Drapey Neck Sequin Tank: $70 -; Metallic Bandage Skirt: $20 -; Velvet Pump: $23 -; Matt & Nat Malik Nappa-Style Clutch: $69 -; 3. Sequin Silk Sweater: $71 -; Metallic Floral Print Skirt: $16 -; Aldo Peep Toe Pump: $80 -; Gold Mesh Box Clutch Purse: $22 -; 4. Ruffled Batwing Shirt: $48 -; Matte Sequin Mini: $33 -; Sakura Glitter Platform Shoes: $125 -; Rhinestone Stud Flap Clutch at shi by Journeys: $25 -

Try and pair up a fun skirt with a flirty top. Seperates are always fun and are great because sometimes your more likly to wear seperates more often. For the holidays go all out and try metallics and sequins and pair them up!! You can do a metallic skirt and a sequin top. Or you can do a sequin skirt with a interesting top. This look is all about having a good time and is the perfect going out parting dress. Wheather you taking Rudolf nose shots or drinking champagne you will be looking good while doing it.
There's so much you can do with seperates. With seperates you can create what ever look you are going for. If you want more of a rocker edge you can create it with pairing up two seperate pieces like the J.Crew Drapey sequin tank (2nd to the left $70) and Metallic Laced Bandage Skirt from Forever21 (2nd to the left $20). The Forever21 skirt has a more edgey feel to it so why not play it up with the accessories like adding a studded bag like the Matt & Nat Malik Nappa-Style Clutch ($69). You can keep the heel simple and for another alternative for woman who don't like heels try a lower heel like the velvet pump from Charlotte Russe ($23).
If you want a more classic look try a penicl metallic skirt like the Ann Taylor Metallic Croc Pencil Skirt (1st to the left $79) and pair it up with a sequin top like the J. Crew - Drapey sequin tank ($70) to give it a classic fun look. Try pulling in colors from the outfit. If the skirt is gold and the top is black do black and gold accessories with details, like the Paparazzi Amalfi Gold Stripe Clutch Bag at ASOS ($34).
With seperates you want the whole look to tie together and there is nothing better to help tie a look together then accessories. You don't want to go to bold or to much out of the color scheme because then it could look to mismatched or to out of place. Don't go for to matchy matchy. Don't stick to one color accessories. Mix it up and make sure there is details invloved.
4. Spice it Up

Spice it up
Items from left to right: 1. All Over Sequin Blazer: $25 -; 2 and 3. Bebaroque Diamante Crystal Tights: $66 -; Jukebox Tights: $35 -; 4. Flair: $228 -; 5. Velvet by Graham & Spencer "Dixon" Ombre Sequined Open Blazer: $195 -; 6. Black Sequin Blazer: $50 -; 7. Heart Pattern Tulle Tights: $18 -; 8. Black Sheer Bow Tights: $9.60 -; 9. Rhinestone Bow Ring: $3.80 -; 10. Mega Metal Bangle Pack: $40 -; 11. pearl Glam Necklace: $40 -; 12. Multi-strand bead necklace: $19 -; 13. Talullah Tu Stone And Multi Chain Necklace: $52 -; 14, 16, 17. BCBGMaxAzria Two-Way Sequins Small Clutch at $68 -; 15. Sequin Animal Print Wallet: $9.80 -

Ok so maybe you already have your outfit because it's sitting in your closet. If you are wearing something that you already worn before try spicing it up a little. Interesting accessories like eye catching colors or patterns can really make an outfit stand out and make it look new. Even something like tights can give a outfit a face lift. Tights that have patterns like bows or dots are great little accessories because they stand out and can make their own statement. If your bold try tights like the Bebaroque Diamante Crystal Tights at ASOS ($66) that have jewels. These will add some sparkel into your outfit.
Sequin blazers are the perfect finishing touch to a simple little outfit. Stay way from doing sequin on sequin but do a sequin blazer over something like the little white dresses. They are perfect for dresses and seperates that have smaller details. Sequin blazers can range from anywhere as low as $25 (such as the Forever21 Allover Sequin Blazer) up to $195 (such as Velvet by Graham & Spencer "Dixon" Ombre Sequined Open Blazer) and up. If you don't think you'd wear a sequin blazer to often stick with a lower costing one.
Dazzaling accessories like jewlery and bags really help pull an outfit together. Do chunky necklaces. Layering necklaces really help any simple top or dress stand out. Pick jewlery that will shimmer like gold and jewels. For clutches try clutches that are sequined.
Do you have your holiday attire picked out? Are you going or doing anything special this season?

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  1. une très jolie sélection de robes sequin, et de petites robes blanches, j'aime beaucoup, comme les escarpins plateformes

  2. I love the sequin bits you picked out. Sequins are always perfect for christmas time.

  3. Love this post. Absolutely adore all the sequins.


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