November 10, 2010

Steal the Look for Less: Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays of Glee has shown us another side of sequins. May was seen at TV Guide Hot List party in Hollywood in a chambray button up with a gold sequined skirt and silver sandals. Her look is casual but the sequin gives the look of glamour.

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A simple button down shirt and a sequin skirt....what a fantastic idea! I love how simple this outfit is but just perfect for a party setting. Sequins are the ultimate clothing for holiday parties. Mays outfit is great for office holiday parties or a more casual party. If your like me your already thinking of these things and now is the time to start prepping. Stores are already putting out their holiday season wear like J.Crew and Free Peopl. And sequins is everywhere!

Here are some sequin skirt ideas for your holiday outfit preperations.

Jayma Mays Look

Jayma Mays Look by poetofsorts featuring oversized handbags
Outfits from left to right: 1. Unisex Gingham Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt: $54 -; Premium Shimmy Skirt: $135 -; Crisscross Metallic Sandal: $120 -; ASOS Oversized Pleat Pushlock Clutch: $27.58-; 2. Roll Sleeve Pin Stripe Shirt: $12 -; Elastic Sequin Mini Skirt: $14.50 -; Steve Madden Haylow: $90 -; Small Quilted Studded Bag:$21 -; 3. Chambray Button Down shirt: $68 -; American Eagle Sequin Party Skirt: $34.50 -; Forever21 Pumps- $26 -; Bewjewled Foldover Clutch:$98 -; 4. Drama Club Button Down: $72 -; Matte Sequin Mini: $33 -; Bow Vamp Peep Toe: $30 -; Betsey Johnson 'Glitzed - Oversized' Sequined Bow Clutch: $128 -

Sequin comes in so many different styles: big circles, smaller circles, zig zag patterns, oval shapes, etc. For this look stick to simple sequin patterns like the simple circles or ovals. The American Eagle Sequin Party Skirt (third from the left $34.50) has a pattern but its not over bearing. It's sequin is in line format, almost like a grid, but since it is in black the detail of the dress isn't over dramatic. The Wetseals Elastic Sequin Mini Skirt (second from the left...$14.50) has the smaller circle sequins that you'll find on many other sequin clothing.

Keeping to simple patterns allows for you to do different types of shirts and accessories. With a sequin skirt you can do a solid color button down shirt or a pin stripe button down shirt. If you do a gold skirt try a darker button down top like in the 4th outfit from the left. The Nasty Gal Drama Club Button Down ($72) is paired up with a gold matte sequin skirt from Charlotte Russe($32.50). The darker skirts will help the sequin skirts stand out more and give it a classic look. If you want to play with colors try something like the first look do a gold sequin skirt with a light color with a little bit of pattern. The Topshop Premium Sequin Shimmy Skirt ($135) is paired up with the Unisex Gingham Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt in pink from American Apparel. This outfit really helps play up the soft feminine look.

As for the shoes and accessories try to give this outfit even more of a pop by adding pumps that are bejeweled like the Forever21 pumps (third from the left...$26). If you want to do a sandal do a take on the classic strappy sandals and do something like the Steve Madden Haylow Gold Glitter Sandal (second from the left...$90). This shoe reflects the skirts and makes a statement of its own. If you want to do a classic strap sandal Ann Taylor Crisscross Metallic Sandal (1st on the left $120) is just the right one for the job. It's simple, sleek, and is so very classic. Now we can't forget about those handbags. Do a clutch or a small chain bag. You can do a small clutch with a mix of color sequin like the Betsey Johnson 'Glitzed Oversized' Sequined Bow Clutch (4th outfit to the right $120). Stay away from bright colored clutches and dramatic patterns. Stick to muted colors and pale colors.

Remember this look is all about taking a sequin party skirt and toning it down a bit for a casual event but also remember to have fun in it!

What do you guys think of Jayma May's look?

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  1. I like the look, it's glamorous but simple and sophisticated at the same time.

    xxx Charlie

  2. I really adore it on her. It's amazing that sequins can look so tacky and cheap on some, but absolutely fabulous and chic when done right. It's a good idea to pair it with a simple button down. We don't want too much action!!

  3. Thank you so much for commenting dear! Vintage shopping is my guilty pleasure. But not as guilty as spending so much money on branded clothes. Nice post!

  4. I'm so obsessed with sequins right now so this was a perrrfect post for me haha

  5. its funny, everytime i see her on glee i always think how terribly gaunt & just dull they make her look.. but then you see her on the red carpet & 9 times out of 10 she looks fantastic!

  6. I was just writing yesterday about a denim shirt with a sequinned skirt! She looks gorgeous - I just think she's so pretty.


  7. Great post. The skirts are adorable !
    I follow you :)

  8. i definitely heart sparkly clothes!!!!

  9. she looks so cute and chic there.. such a great outfit

  10. I love these looks - se quin and a simple shirt - brilliant!

    I just found your blog and I love it!


  11. hi gal, that's a fabuosly great post!!! Fantastic job!!!
    xo Irene

  12. did u think a gold sequined skirt and silver sandals and grey skirt so casul outfit for a party?

    but she's looking cute anyway.


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