November 8, 2010


Thanks to another fellow blogger's outfit post (Pandoras Box) it led me to Odylyne's website. I'm totally lusting over all of their clothing...mostly their Holiday Lookbook which is were all these photos are from. Everything is so beautiful and elegant! I can't even figure out which pieces I love more. They are all just terrific! The downer is that you can't shop on their website and they are located in CA, TX, MS, AR, NV, and LA. If you live in any of these states you are totally lucky and should check out the closest shop near you. You can also check out their facebook page here.
What do you guys think of Odylyne?

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  1. The clothes look beautiful! I love the shiny tops from the first 2 pics.

  2. love the second pic!!!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    xoxo from rome

  3. The blazer and the asymmetrical sequin dress are both stunning beautifully embellished with black sequins.

  4. the press release says that on the 14th of November there will be a release again. So if you were looking for them the first time but they were sold out, I think now you get a second chance to have a Mulberry bag for less. I loved the small pochette ones. Good Luck

  5. Gorgeous clothes! You have a very beautiful blog :)


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