November 29, 2010

Inspirational Monday: Pops of Color

During the winter I always tend to lean towards darker colors...mostly blacks. This winter I have decided to throw in some color in the mist of my blacks. I love accessories and tights and they work well for sprucing up an outfit. Today I went with green tights (maybe it's because I'm feeling the Christmas spirit) and my leopard print belt from H&M. I think pairing up bold colors with fun prints makes any outfit more exciting. My outfit today has really inspired me to look at the way we can change up our ordinary black outfits with exciting bold colors and prints. These are accessories that most of us have in our closet and draws. Also these items also don't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Color up your blacks

Set featuring: 1. AE Women's Classic Cardigan: $30 -; 2. Women's AE Shawl Collar Waffle Cardigan: $40 -; 3. Cooperative Ditsy Border Square: $6.99 -; 4. Tights for Every Occasion in Hot Date (Red and Purple): $15 -; 5. I Just Wanna Dance Dress: $58 -; 6. Theory Alcoa stretch-jersey dress: $325 -; 7. Small Chain Handle Box Bag (Blue and Maroon): $70 -; 8. Basic Knit Cardigan: $13 -; 9 . Marc by Marc Jacobs - Enamel Bangles Script Hinge Bangle (Purple): $69 -; 10. BALENCIAGA WOOL/CASHMERE/LYCRA TURTLE NECK: $725 -; 11. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mid-rise legging-style jeans: $230 -; 12. ASOS Leather Leopard Print Across Body Bag: $62 -; 13. Coral plastic flower ring: $11 -; 14. Yellow Forever21 Leatherette Pumps: $16 -; 15. Tights Club: $22 -; 16. UO Spectrum Necklace: $25 -; 17. ASOS Set Stone Boyfriend Style Watch: $52 -; 18. ASOS Set of Six Skinny Chiffon Animal Print Bangles:$10 -; 19. Forever21 jeweled bow pumps:$26 -; 20. Red metal link skinny belt: $9.39 -; 21. Leopard jean belt: $9.39 -; 22. Fabric Accent Necklace: $13 -; 23. Pins and Needles Ruched Floral Oblong Scarf: $28 -

As far as tights go I tend to usually buy no names or buy H&M. Tights, even the more expensive ones, never tend to last long enough for me. I go tight crazy during the fall/winter months. Black tights, color tights, tights with patterns, etc.! They are so simple and really make a difference. They had a nice little surprise.

Another fun accessory during the fall/winter months are scarfs. I love buying the pasmina scarves off the street vendors. How could you go wrong for $5? You can get them in so many different colors and patterns. The are perfect for keeping warm, for wearing them around in the office, and to also use a shawl! So many uses in one little thing.

Then there is the classic cardigan. I love bright and playful cardigans. One of my favorite cardigans is my purple cardigan from H&M that I bought a year or so ago. I love pairing it up with my darks, whites, and even leopard print tops and dresses. I seriously love the purple and leopard print combo. Anyway cardigans are perfect for keeping warm and are so basic to any outfit. They really are a stable piece that you don't have to spend a lot on, like the green basic knit cardigan from Forever21 ($13).

Add a little pop to your step by stepping out in bold color pumps. Lately I've seen a lot of suede red pumps and suede blue pumps and I simply adore all of it.
photo from jak&jill

It's a great eye catcher. If you don't want to spend a lot on your shoes look to places like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe for fun colored pumps. I'm head over heels in love with Chic Leatherette Stilettos in yellow from Forever21 and they are only $15.50!

Purses are another great eye catching accessory. Like this woman's blue Celine eye catching purse. (Ignore her fantastic legs and wedges LOOK AT THAT PURSE!)

photo from jak&jill

These Topshop Small Chain Handle Box Bag ($70) are the perfect pop of color. They aren't bright but they do make a statement especially against a black palette. The gold chain to the bag is also a nice little flare.

Jewelry...the more the better. Overlaying your necklaces give a nice depth to any outfit. Layer pearls and chain necklaces to mix up different textures. Colored necklaces really will pop against a black top. Add some color bling like flowered ring like the Coral plastic flower ring from Dorthy Perkins ($11) or Marc by Marc Jacobs Bangle bracelet ($69) but that's only if your willing to splurge a little.

Belts are great to use to break up a sea of black. Using colored belts or pattern belts can really transform your outfit. It can take your dress from plain black to bold...or to dressy to casual or vise versa depending on the type of belt and material.

Just don't use every color that you own all at once. You don't want to be overwhelmed by color you just want to give your outfit a BOOST.
Thanks to these lovely ladies for inspiring me and thank you green tights!

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  1. Love the collage!! Great picks!

  2. great pics! inspiring

  3. Great collage , and that bag and them red shoes really do stand out and make your outfit.xox


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