March 9, 2011

Steal the Spring Style for Less: Colors

This spring is all about colors. The bright the better, the more the merrier. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Rachel Roy had their models in the brighest of blues, greens, oranges, and yellows.
Rachel RoyPradaMarc by Marc Jacobs

These colors seem intimdating at first and might be even down right scary to try and match with other clothing and accessories. Once you get over your fear, or keep reading on, you'll see how unscary and really fun playing with bright colors is. As we get closer and closer to spring stores are putting out brighter and brighter clothing. This is the best time to head to a Zara or Topshop to try on this trend for less.

Set from left to right: 1. Topshop Coral Scallop Crop Top: $50 -; ZARA TRF Colorful Skirt:$39 -; Aldo Hiester Shoes:$100 -; Aldo Airth Bag: $35 -; 2. Topshop Lemon Sleeveless Peter Pan Collar Tiered Blouse: $66 -; High Waisted Sloutchy Trousers: $62 -; Forever21 Buckled Cross Body Bag: $20 -; Topshop GLAM Red Suede Court Shoe: $90 -;
3. Forever21 Split Round Neck Top:$11 -; ASOS Pink Skinny: $63 -; Aldo Cyphert Bag: $45 -; ZARA Vamp and Heel Shoe:$80 -; 4. Nasty Gal Serious Flare Dress: $48 -; Forever21 Date Night Leatherette Bag: $21 -; Aldo Dyle Shoe: $100 -

The whole idea is to color block and to use bright on bright colors and to even mix in some neutrals or duller accessories to bring it together like in the first set (1st on the left). When pairing bright top like a coral top with a brighter bottom like the Zara Colorful Skirt in turquiose ($39.90) try to blend to use white and neutrals. The Aldo shoes and bag help tone down the brightness of the outfit. Also the color blocking in the shoe gives the shoe a little bit up spice but without being total over kill.

Bright colored accessories can be paired with brightly colored clothing. Try pairing a coral dress like the Nasty Gal Serious Flare Dress (last on the right $48) with a brightly colored bag like the Forever21 Date Night Leatherette Bag ($21). When pairing colors you can try to keep them in the same family: coral, oranges, and yellows can all be paired with each other.

If your scared of going to bright do a dull orange pair of pants and pair it up with a mellow yellow top like the second set to the right. To keep with the mellow bright colors flowing do a blush pink bag like the Forever21 Buckle Cross-Body Bag ($20). Spice up the whole outfit with red pumps like the Topshop GLAM Red Suede Court Shoe ($90). Red's will always make an outfit pop.

You can also do one bright piece of clothing with one bright accessory. If you do a bright pink pants like the ASOS pink skinny pants (3rd from the right $63) pick a shirt in the same family color in a mute tone. Use an accessory like a shoe or a bag to color block with the your bright piece of clothing.

This spring trend is very exciting and so much fun to play around with. This is the season to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. What do you guys think of this trend?

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  1. Loving all the bright colours it makes a nice change from the drab winter. I really like it when someone clashes the colours you do have to be a bit brave though.

  2. i really like all the bright colors this season :) makes me long for the summer! have a great day, sweetie!

    love, M

  3. Looking forward to spring because of all the colour wahooo

  4. Rachel Roy always have such bright stuff, I love her designs, I always check them out when I go to the Bay. and color block seems to be the in thing this spring!

  5. such an exciting trend!!


  6. these are lovely, and you give great tips. i love bright colors!


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