April 18, 2011

Photo Diary: Miami Beach

1. Miami Beach

2. Palm Trees out back in the hotel
3. Out back at the hotel with the bff Ariel. (Zara shirt, Target shorts, H&M sunglasses and Old Navy Flip Flops).
4 & 5. In the hotel (Zara shirt, Forever21 Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Sandals, H&M necklace, and Nine West bag)
6. The bf and I in South Beach
7. Ariel and I by the beach down in South Beach
8 & 9. Drinking on the beach at night (Zara top, H&M Necklace, and H&M Shorts).
10., 11., 13. & 14. Out on da beach (H&M top, shorts, and sunglasses)
15. Toes in the water
16. View from the Hotel room right after it rained
17. Coconuts? in the tree in the back of the hotel
18. Drinks in South Beach the last night. (H&M dress...wish I got a full body picture got lots of WOWS and your Beautiful from strangers).
19. More Palm Tree

I'm so sad that my vacation is over. Miami beach is such a beautiful place! Palm tree, clear blue water, frozen drinks, and Cuban food what more could you ask for?! I love South Beach too. It has everything for everybody. Plenty of restaurants, great yummy drinks, lots of people watching, and a night life. I would def. go back in a heart beat. I'm totally jealous of those who live down there. When I make my millions I will have a beach house/condo down in South Beach.

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  1. I love, love, love Miami. Looks like you made the most of your trip! PS, that leopard skirt is so freakin cool!

  2. i LOOOOOVE your leopard skirt it's too awesome!

  3. man! i really want your fringe! :) how is cuban food?

  4. oh wow, it looks so gorgeous there! Jealous much? xx

  5. Miami looks gorgeous! And I love all of your outfits, you look fabulous!

    Xo Chelle

  6. amazing photos! makes me want to go there :) and omg those margaritas look gigantic! have a wonderful easter!

    love, M

  7. i adore that sheer leopard skirt! i don't know if i could rock it, but i needed that bit of inspiration.

  8. The maxi leopard skirt is so hot... what a perfect resort piece. <3


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