November 15, 2011

Outfit Post: Make a Wish

Sweater: Ben Sherman (bought at the LF Store Sale of the Season)
Dress: H&M
Cape: Ann Taylor Loft
Clutch: c/o Luha Boutique
Shoes: Target

First things first sorry for the way that my bow on my dress looks. It looks like it's trying to make it's escape. I swear to god before I left I checked the mirror and it was fine (it must have been the two flights of stairs down that messed it up). But leave it up to a boy to NOT tell you that your bow is all messed up! *sigh* Wardrobe malfunction! (believe it or not I did look at the photos after taking them but it was 7:30 in the morning you can't expect to much from me)...Also this dress was worn yesterday hence my Inspirational Monday post on cobalt blue!

Secondly...don't you just love this clutch!? Thanks to Luha Boutique for sending me such a beautiful and totally useful bag. Don't doubt this bag just's small but it fits everything you need (I'm not even joking)! When I first used it Saturday night for date night I was able to fit my: camera, cell phone, wallet, pocket mirror, chapstick and lipstick! AND it didn't even look like it was going to explode like most small bags when I shove my wallet in there (no it's not because I have a lot of cash money more like a lot of coins and receipts). It also still had room to spare so even my iPod could fit comfortably. I love the sweet design of this bag and the small details like the pleats in the front and the heart zipper puller. Another great thing about Luha Boutique's bag is that they are produced and designed in Canada by designer Lucianna. Her bags aren't expensive like most bag boutiques but run in the price range of $25 to $40! So super affordable and super adorable! I can't wait to tote this bag around at my bf's sisters wedding rehearsal dinner!

What do you guy think of this clutch?

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  1. very cute outfit - Dara

  2. love your blue dress dear, enchanting ^^

  3. i love this outfit, that blue is amazing!

  4. I absolutely love everything about this outfit, especially the cape!

  5. Your cape is amazing! It really complements your dress making it into a chic outfit! Btw your hair looks really good here! Great post :)


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