December 13, 2013

DIY: Christmas Canvas Art

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I'm a huge fan of the Holidays. I love decorating, listening to Christmas music and baking cookies. My fiance and I have started our own little traditions like spending an entire weekend just baking Christmas cookies (which include gingerbread, chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, and sugar cookies). Seriously though this is my favorite time of year! The only problem is that I LOVE Christmas decorations, I mean seriously could drop some serious cash on decorations. The problem is living in a one bedroom apt in Brooklyn does not give us enough room for storage. This season I'm really loving the Christmas canvas art work. I love the idea of hanging little signs around the apartment but like I said not enough room. What if I could create something cheaply and be able to reuse it? I got this idea of wrapping paper (NICE wrapping paper) covered canvases when the fiance and I were in Paper Source picking out our wedding invite papers. I fell for all of the Christmas wrapping paper, especially the fine paper assortment that they had. This would give me the option of reusing the canvases and wrapping them again in different printed papers after the Holiday season.

What you need:
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- Small Stretched Canvas (bought mine from Blick Art)
- Fine Christmas Wrapping Paper (bought from Paper-Source 1 sheet of each: $2.50)
- Staple Gun

Step 1: Find the placement of your print on your canvas. This is especially important when doing a print that repeats.

Step 2: Once you find your placement of the print mark off the areas where you need to cut. Make sure you have enough paper to go around the back that you can staple it.

Step 3: Begin to cut your print out.

Step 4: Place your wrapping paper print side down (the back should be facing you), then place your canvas facing down as well. Before you being check the placement of your canvas and make sure your print is where you want it to be. Once you have it in place, act as if you were wrapping a gift. Staple gun the wrapping paper down to the back of the canvas. Two staples on each side should be enough.

 photo ChristmasDecor4_zps9410323d.png

[OPTIONAL] Step 5: Add a little bit of sparkle! I used a glue stick and loose white glitter from Michael's to add just a bit of sparkle to one of my canvases. It's up to you and what type of print.

 photo ChristmasDecor3_zps56b90ee7.png 

Step 6: Hang and enjoy!

 photo ChristmasDecor_zpsd9c81fca.png
 photo ChristmasDecor2_zps05207a1a.png
all photos taken by me

Once the season is over you can take them down and remove the staples from the back of the canvases and then re-wrap them in different fine paper! I already have a couple of finer paper in mind.

What do you think of this DIY project? Would you give it a try?

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  1. I love this idea!!! I think it is such a cute project ;) Happy holidays!!



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