May 8, 2014

Photo Diary: Miami Bach

 photo MiamiBach12_zpsbe40e14b.png  photo MiamiBach_zps95919dd9.png  photo MiamiBach2_zps6337a47e.png  photo MiamiBach3_zps135bf521.png  photo MiamiBach4_zps85d0dbe1.png  photo MiamiBach5_zps2d75c4e3.png  photo MiamiBach6_zps82a18555.png  
 photo MiamiBach8_zpsceaf4e29.png  photo MiamiBach13_zpsc34e0582.png
 photo MiamiBach7_zps47dd912f.png photo MiamiBach9_zpseeb6f4ec.png

 photo MiamiBach10_zpsc5976164.png

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen a whole bunch of pictures already from my bachelorette trip to Miami (#sorrynotsorry about Maid of Honor and Best Man came up with a scavenger hunt that my fiance and I had to work as a team to take pictures of the things on the list! Adorable right!? Plus it really force us to take pictures which is even better). This weekend was truly special. My Maid of Honor put together a itinerary (yes a legit itinerary) of things to do from going to a Cabaret to a 4 am diner run. She is the best MOH as well as party planner. This whole weekend flew by even though all I wanted it to do was go slower. I can't believe we are a little less then a month away from the wedding. Time needs to slow down from here till after the honeymoon.

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  1. You guys look like y'all were having so much fun! I'm happy you had fun! Now back to rainy NY :(

  2. That looks fun, what a beautiful location! Have a great wedding! :)


  3. It looks and sounds like you had so much fun! I also can't believe your wedding is less than a month away- I remember when you first shared the news! So exciting :)

  4. I bought those ring shot glasses for a friend's bachelorette party. Aren't they a hoot?


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