July 21, 2010

Carin Wester Selling in Urban Outfitters this October

Urban Outfitters' has their fall preview on their blog which you can check out here. They also announced that they will be carrying Carin Wester's fur lined wedge boot (seen below) in October. These boots are super sexy and sleek. They are perfect for those winter days and nights. I just love how wedges are being carried from the Summer to the Winter. At least I find wedged shoes to be a lot more comfortable then high heels. If you have never heard of Carin Wester you must check out her website. Carin's website is a lot like Urban Outfitters and her clothing does have the Urban Outfitters look to it. Her clothing is very modern but sexy. Her stuff is irresitible. Here's just a taste of some of Wester's pieces:Laleh Coat 1050 SEK ($141.79 USD)

Lova Jumper (Sweater) 450 SEK ($60.73 USD)

Leonora Print Dress 390 SEK ($52.67 USD)
Are you in love yet? Because I am. I'm totally hooked and swooning over EVERYTHING!

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  1. Hey lovely- wow Carin Westers clothing is so simple modern and awesome! Reminds me a lot of a favourite of mine- A. Wang! Great post and thanks so much for visiting my blog- all the rings apart from the 'love' are Harley Davidson! ( i work for them)xxxx
    fashion clocked
    I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

  2. i have heard of her but i don't really know much about her designs so thanks for the info

  3. i am in love. with it all. AMAZING!!

  4. that sweater looks so comfy. i love urban!

  5. Totally in love!! love the shoes!!!! :)


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