July 26, 2010

Inspirational Monday: Back to School

For some reason I can't get the Teen Vogue editorial out of my head. I did a post on their back to school fashion spread on Friday, you can view the blog entry here. It really got me thinking about back to school fashion. I can't even remember a time in high school when I wear high heels to school. I know in college I dressed up (sometimes) for classes. I do miss school clothes shopping. It gave me a reason to go shopping now my reason for shopping is the seasons. Have to get work clothes for the fall, winter, spring, and summer. That's the way I look at it now.

Anyway, I created a set focused around back to school fashion.

Back to School

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Back to School by poetofsorts featuring Seven For All Mankind jeans
Outfits from Left to Right: 1. Cashmere-blend roll-neck sweater from Y-3: $460 - net-a-porter.com, Tom Taylor Slim Fit Jeans: $77 - 7trends.de; John Hardy Overlap Silver Ring:$325 - net-a-porter.com; Ann Demeulemeester leather bucket backpack: $845 - luisaviaroma.com; Converse Sneaker Studs: $1,030 - jades24.com; 2. Oliver Peoples Sheldrake D-frame acetate glasses: $315 - net-a-porter.com; Alice in the Eve Let It Be Blazer: $125 - generalpants.com.au; Aubin & Wills Striped Cotton Tank: $70 - net-a-porter.com; NYMPHENBURG - PORCELAIN HEART PENDANT NECKLACE: $595 - luisaviaroma.com; Seven for All Mankind Jeans: $155 - net-a-porter.com; Miu Miu Horn-straped Suede Tote: $1,395 - net-a-porter.com; Christian Louboutin Big Lip calf hair pumps: $995 - net-a-porter.com, 3. Glitter Owl T-shirt from Delias:$20 - delias.com; Ellery Sunglasses: $300 - thegrandsocial.com.au; Stella McCarthy Cashmere and Silk Blend Cardigan:$845 - net-a-porter.com, Ralik Necking Yellow T-shirt: $16 - zumiez.com; J-Brand Jeans: $255 - jades24.com; Forever21 Red Bow Pumps:21 - forever21.com; Proezna Schouler Medium Leather Satchel: $1,595 - net-a-porter.com; Urban Outfitters Rose on Vine Ring: $24 - urbanoutfitters.com; 4. Preen Coco Sweater: $569 - lagarconne.com; Citizens of Humanity Jeans: $165 - net-a-porter.com; Dorthy Perkins Owl Ring: $12 - dorothyperkins.com; Jazz Shoes: $240 - toast.co.uk; Tano Backdoor Backpack: $225 - musthavebag.com

In High School and College (and even now) I love printed graphic t-shirts. I think they are perfect for those days that you want to dress down and they are perfect for when you want to look comfortably chic. I adore the glitter owl t-shirt from Delias ($20). This shirt can easily be paired up with some skinny jeans, a cardigan and red pumps for a dressy look. Add some accessories like sunglasses and rings to tie the look together.

Dump your old book bag and get a more updated version like Tano Backdoor Bag, $225 (seen right bottom) or the Ann Demeulemeester leather bucket backpack, $845 (seen bottom right). These backs are not only fashionable but they are also functional. Keep in mind the functions of what your buying, you want to look chic but you also want it to be able to work with your lifestyle and day-to-day activity. Of course not all of us has a couple of hundred to drop on back packs. Topshop has a great backpack (Washed Two Pocket Backpack) for only $55 (US dollars). If you're more of a hand bag type of girl try a messenger bag that has handles so that they are duel purpose. Do however make sure they are big enough to carry whatever it is you need for class. The Miu Miu Horn Strapped Suede Tote bag, $1,395 (second back to the right) is perfect. The color can go with any outfit and it is functional for those who prefer handbags/shoulder bags over backpacks. Also, once again as an alternative Topshop has a satchel bag that has a handle and a strap, Medium Leather Bucket Satchel ($77 US Dollars).

I'm absolutely in love with the cashmere roll neck sweater from Y-3 ($460 - net-a-porter.com). The collar on the neck is fantastic and it has a sporty feel to it yet it is still very feminine. That's one way to stay true to your style when shopping but wanting to look chic. Look for things that are your style but have a touch a femininity to it. If you are a sporty type of girl try things like the Y-3 sweater on. I would even wear a leather jacket over it and pairing it up with some converse, or even some studded ones like the studded ones (seen to the right, $1,030, for cheap you can stud your own converse). Also, a big comfy sweater is a always needed for the winter days. Another must have would be a blazer. Blazers are an easy add to dress any outfit up.

Just remember when you go shopping functional and stay within your style but have fun with it. You don't want to buy anything that you'll never wear or that you'll only wear once. Make sure that it's something that you absolutely love and it fits you. Also, basics are always a plus. Sweaters, blazer, and simple t-shirts are always a good thing to have. Just remember to have fun with your style and who you are.

Are there any items that are a must have your back to school look or for the season?

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  1. love the cat-sunglasses(L)

    xoxo, Cassie

  2. i love the pieces you chose for the collage. so cute yet comfy. my must have for back to school: blazers.



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