July 27, 2010

H&M: Divided Autumn 2010

On H&M's Facebook like page they posted pictures from their Divided line for their Autumn collection. Here are a few of the looks:
You can view the collection here.

I always liked the Divided line from H&M. This line is more comfortable and relaxed then some of their other lines. I love the leopard print shirt and the structured khaki skirt. Also, the leather jacket and the inside lining with leopard print is pretty stellar. I'm excited for the military greens this fall, I'm not ready for the weather just yet but definately excited for some of these colors and trends.

What do you guys think of H&M's Divided Line?

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  1. what I think about the devided line...
    price I like, PRINTS OF THIS COLLECTION ARE AMAAZING! but quality is shit most of the time and if I wear a devided dress to any party 3 other girls are wearing it too... but H&M always tricks me into buying something

  2. omg I'm obsessed with this new campaign! I'm diggin the military jackets, animal prints, and that khaki/cream colored jacket.
    thanks for commenting on my blog! i love shoe shopping too. the trick is being able to walk in the heels i buy lol.


  3. meh. i work for the company and i see everything that Divided puts out. Most of it is a hit or miss. It's easy to make it look AMAZING in an editorial when we have Lara stone and abbey lee kershaw modeling for us.


    Xx ps- thanks for visiting my blog!!


  4. my thoughts is... awesome models! Abbey lee + john beech! delicious


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