July 23, 2010

School House Rock

Pictures from FashionEditorials.net see the rest of the editorial here
Photographed by: Ben Weller Models: Sharon, Naomi & Robbie Hair: Holly SmithMakeup: Osvaldo Salvatierra Stylist: Nancy Rhode

These photos are from Teen Vogue August 2010. I think this editorial was so well done. I think everyone that took part in this shoot did an amazing job. It really came together. Even for someone who is done with school can appreciate this. Plus, I think the fashion in this editorial can transcend from someone who is high school age to someone who is older. How can anyone resist the leopard prints, red pumps, and cat eyes? This whole editorial makes me wish I was more fashionable in high school. I blame it on my 9 years in Catholic School and never having to pick out what to wear except on the weekends. But at least now I like to think I'm more put together.
Great job Teen Vogue!

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