July 23, 2010

Outfit Post

Jeans (leggings): H&M
Clogs: Charlotte Russe

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great week! I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in FOREVER! I've been so busy this past month or so and it's only going to continue to get busy. The boyfriend and I at least found a new apartment in Brooklyn which means we get to start packing. Actually we just bought some boxes so we can start the packing this weekend. I'm sort of excited to get this stuff packed up! Which I'm sure will only last for about an hour...Well it is time to go rest up for packing tomorrow.

Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? Gotta be better then packing haha

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  1. lovely outfit
    you're blog is so nice by the way


  2. i really like your shoes! and as for the weekend, there is an art fair going on and i may go to that if the weather lets up!

  3. so cute! this is kinda like how i dress. loose top, skinny jeans or leggings or jeggings (so many choices now lol), and heels.
    thanks for commenting on my blog! i definitely agree with you. cobwebs should be kept for halloween only haha. and free people is insanely expensive. i always try to copy their outfits but with different clothes haha.



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