September 5, 2013

NYFW Spring 2014: ODD Mechanical Breath

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Withthe mixture of the real downtown look and the artsy music pumping out of the sound system walking into the ODD Spring 2014 show reminded me of walking into an art gallery down on the lower Eastside. Plus, the dark dim space that looked like an old library also helped. I knew nothing of this line but at one glance at the menswear I knew I was in a underground club where I wouldn't be cool enough for. Honestly, a lot of the designs reminded me one of my favorite bloggers Faiiint- the ultra cool girl, who can rock the "dark fashion" like no ones business, and probably won't be caught dead wearing anything bright. Both the mens and women's wear lines were a bit darker then one would expect for a Spring line. But what kind of New Yorker would I be if I didn't love me some black and white looks.


 photo ODDMEN_zps6147bc03.png  photo ODDMEN2_zps3e28fd5c.png  photo MEN3_zpsbbf75c97.png 

I couldn't help but think of my fiance looking at this line and giving it some side glances. It may not personally be something I would fancy my boy wearing, but I would fancy to wear some of the menswear myself. I do appreciate the men who can rock these particular styles and who rock them well. These clothes are not as easy to wear as throwing on a button down and fitted pair of jeans.


 photo ODDWOMAN_zps15f77bfd.png  photo ODDWOMAN2_zpsdb1745b4.png  photo ODDWOMAN4_zpsa1e454e8.png  photo ODDWOMAN3_zpsbae599b6.png
pictures taken by me. see more pictures here.

Where to begin. THE SHOES. The shoes, by Cinzia Araia (which you can buy at ODD), that they paired with the ODD line could not have been more perfect. Seriously, a match made in grungy heaven. The clothes are perfect for the girl who wants to look like she doesn't give a F but still look put together.  Which is really most of us on those day, especially me on Sundays. These girls can be going to the grocery store and then later to a underground concert and never have to change.

I love that ODD is a store down in the lower Eastside and caters towards their underground market. They are a retail store that sells designers like Rochambeau, Parkchoonmoo, and Heidi Gardner, along with their own line ODD. I also love the consistency within this whole collection. Sometimes doing menswear and womanswear is difficult. They didn't faultier with who their consumer is. Also it helping having consistence trends within the collection like the marble print and asymmetrical hems.

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. The collection is beautiful & you're right, so me! I can't believe I'm just seeing this now - had a few days away from technology & my bloglovin feed was crazy when I got back, still working my way through it & all the show coverage too! I am SO in love with the shoes though, wow, those are going on my mental 'to buy' list!
    And in reply to your comment - Yes I love Skingraft (very jealous you got to go to the show!) & no totally not creepy at all! I do that all the time too! 'Oh this is so this person, I can see so & so wearing that...' then I realize I've never actually even met any of these people that I'm talking about like they're my real life friends! Ha! I do quite like that about blogging though, it's nice it's such a friendly community that we see other bloggers that way, like we're all friends! :)

  2. Looks like a cool setting. Screams grunge/goth/minimalism to me

    P.S. You covered so many shows! I'm trying to get through your posts :p


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