September 16, 2013

Inspirational Monday: NYFW Spring 2014 in Details

 photo SS14-Details2_zpsfbb1e2d2.png  photo SS14-Details3_zps9407178c.png  photo SS14-Details_zps61b77cf1.png  photo SS14-Details7_zpscf706586.png  photo SS14-Details8_zps716f773d.png  photo SS14-Details10_zps3465f2bf.png  photo SS14-Details4_zpse6d7be5b.png  photo SS14-Details5_zpse9b40e7f.png  photo SS14-Details9_zps0e28fd2e.png  photo SS14-Details6_zps5c0ae542.jpg
1. 5:31 Jerome (read here) \\ 2. Jenny Packham \\ 3.  Emerson (read here) \\  4. Reem Acra \\ 
5. Skingraft (backstage) \\ 6. Tracy Reese \\ 7. Jenny Packham \\ 8. Ruffian \\ 9. Skingraft \\ 10. Nautica

Another season has come to a close and I have so many pictures, some of which you may have already seen up on Facebook (sorry if some of these might seem familiar). I wanted a place to share some of my favorite pictures that were snapped during NYFW. This actually was the first season where I only had two presentations and the rest were all runway shows. I find it incredibly difficult to snap pictures during runway shows between dodging peoples heads, cameras, and phones you have the models running down the runway. Seriously, I'm surprised I even got one good picture during the Ruffian show. The models were coming down the runway four at a time. Which is a lot to take in for a 9am show. Honestly, it's a shame when they have models speed walking since you can't actual tell what you are seeing and take it in. Either way another season down and so much to still recap on. So don't mind the random NYFW post for awhile, but we are back to regular schedule program ladies and gents! 

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  1. its def challanging to snap pics in runway shows! and mannn it would be SO much fun to go to Morocco with you haha, think of all the outfit whoring pictures we can do in all the pretty places!!

  2. Some of these shots are so beautiful, you did a brilliant job to capture them. I have difficulty photographing still objects, so I can't imagine how hard something like this is! I think the 3rd Emerson one is my favourite, just love the lighting & composition.

  3. I think you did an awesome. My NYFW pictures never come out half as good but I'm a horrible photographer. Maybe it's my camera? What kind do you use?


  4. nice pics! ;>>

    i invite to me too

  5. You sure got some really great photos, fabulous looks


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