February 19, 2015

NYFW Fall 2015: Jay Godfrey Backstage + Presentation

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all photos taken by me. see more here

Walking around backstage at 9am on a Saturday morning in the tents feels like you skipped hours ahead to midday, with everyone buzzing around highly caffeinated and energetic. "It feels like like it's 3pm," Jay Godfrey says with a laugh after complimenting him on how well put together he looks at the ungodly hour he had to get up. Godfrey was supporting a tailored jacket that matched his feel for his Fall 2015 woman's wear line. As I looked around the bustling room that was lined with fitted dresses and jackets, I knew who his woman was instantly; a luxurious woman who is strong and sensual. For this collection Godfrey was inspired by European tailoring, which can be seen in his tweed jackets, and the 1970s glam of YSL.

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From hanging on a wire to being draped on a model, my heart was set on the halter top floral gown. It's one of those rare pieces that makes an impact whether its being hung or worn. It has sex appeal with the open back and high slit but had an elegance to it with the grey and darker pink toned floral print. This was the flow of the collection, there was a sexiness to these looks without being overtly sexy. From the deep plunging neck line of the jumper to the high split dress pair with a cropped tweed jacket, there was a balance of coverage and skin. Fall '15 is a total 180 from that of Godfrey's Spring '15, where we saw festival glam looks (read here), I love that he can switch gears between collections and revamp his woman a little bit. Even though I'm sure the woman who is wearing the dalmatian print suit in Spring '15 will be rocking the vibrant passion orchid blouse and wide leg trousers in Fall '15. 

What do you think of Jay Godfrey's Fall 2015 collection?
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