September 7, 2014

NYFW: Jay Godfrey's Western Boho Chic Spring 2015

 photo JayGodfreySS15_zps0b5c7dd2.png

The Hub at the Hudson Hotel was transformed into a Coachella like atmosphere. Models were centered in the room standing on hey, while Idgy Dean in between the models wailed into the mic. Jay Godfrey set up this whole environment was not only welcoming but perfect for his western boho chic Spring 2015 collection. This collection was filled with beautiful fringe pieces and lots of western styled lace. This collection the perfect go to music festival collection.

 photo JayGodfreySS15-7_zps097aad06.png
 photo JayGodfreySS15-2_zps4beaeda4.png
 photo JayGodfreySS15-4_zpsf599d97b.png
 photo JayGodfreySS15-5_zps19cd07c5.png
 photo JayGodfreySS15-3_zps1156f76a.png
 photo JayGodfreySS15-6_zps9b92f229.png
see all photos on the facebook page. all photos taken by me. 

I love that this collection had a 60's western twist to the boho look. My favorite two looks of course was the matching and leopard print blazer and pants as well as the long lace tunic top. Although I'm not sure how I felt about some of the hair. I would have gone with more hippie boho hair then some of the bigger 60s hair that was done.

Overall I found the collection wearable as well as relatable. There were pieces in there that were definitely meant to be taken to music festivals, while there were others that were perfect little cocktail dress numbers and pieces to be mix and matched.

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  1. So many cool looks!

  2. so cool pics!! ;-)


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  3. amazing photos! LOVE the collection!
    Emma xx


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