September 13, 2014

NYFW Spring 2015: Georgine's Cabana Glam

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all photos taken by me. see more here

After spending her days in bikinis off the coast of Thailand, designer Georgine Ratelband, delivered a cabana glam inspired Spring 2015 collection on Monday afternoon at Lincoln Center. The collection was inspired by 1970s glam which she used gold, rich cremes, and mints. She wanted a collection that can take a woman from beach to night but in a more luxurious way. These designs were paired with luxury accessories including mink towels and bags. Along with whimsical surfboard clutches in collaboration with Max Steiner Designs.

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Georgine has quickly become a designer I look forward to seeing. Her debut collection last season (read here) was one of my favorites and this season is no different. I've always believed I was born on the wrong coast. I think I was made for the beach life and not so much the City. These looks were right up my ally, beach wear with a twist of glam. It was everything a woman who loves the beach and fashion needs. I loved everything from the clothes to the accessories (I need the NO DIVING mink towel...don't know what I would do with it but I need it) to the hair and make-up. The turbans were beautifully done and the make-up was a bronze goddess look. Her inspiration transported me from my seat in Lincoln Center to sitting in my private cabana on the beach being fabulous and drinking tropical drinks. This collection makes me long for my vacation in Hawaii thats coming up in November.

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What do you think about Georgine's Spring 2015 collection?

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