September 17, 2014

What in the Devil is Normcore?


"The act of deconstructing fashion by purposely dressing blank or dull. What once started as a post-ironic anti-fashion, "purposely uncool" trend by hipsters in an attempt to pull away from the subculture fashion that were becoming commercialized and popular, norm core is quickly becoming a legitimate fashion trend. Characterized by boxy, unflattering jean jackets, oversized sweatshirts, gift shop baseball hats. Anything that looks like it might be featured in a Calvin Klein from 1998, or anything you'd wear around the house on laundry day."- Urban Dictionary 
After wearing heels at fashion week all week, on Tuesday of NYFW I couldn't bring myself to put on another pair of heels. So I wore a top from Clover Canyon that could have been a pass for a swimsuit top (or a sports bra I suppose), high waist jeans, a long blazer and sneakers, this what I had called the sporty/business look.  Or as my friend Simone of Fashion Runs the World called it "normcore." What Vogue editor decided to name this whole trying not to care what you look like but caring look...."normcore?" I feel like my style of dressing has always been the whole "normcore" thing. T-shirt, jeans, and go type of look...or as I like to call it the "model off duty look." Whatever you call it it's a basic dressing, not caring what you look like, that makes up Normcore. Urban Dictionary is pretty accurate with its last statement "Anything that looks like it might be featured in a Calvin Klein from 1998, or anything you'd wear around the house on laundry day."

How I Do Normcore:

 photo normcore-3_zps5b8dac40.png
 photo normcore-2_zpsd464bc90.png
 photo normcore_zpsee729a6b.png
  photo normcore-4_zps7a05fd4c.png
Sweater: Loft | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Bag: Coach

pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I love dressing down, especially on the weekends. There are very few times on the weekends you will find me in high heels. Normcore for me are sweaters paired with distressed jeans and simple slip on shoes. Of course rocking bed hair and minimal make-up (red lip is always my must).

Would you wear the "normcore" trend?

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  1. Haha, I love the title of this post! I've definitely into dressing down and being comfortable- I've fully embraced sweatshirts and sneakers :)

  2. I do "normcore" everyday unless I'm going somewhere fancy lol. I like being comfortable majority of the time. I hate that there's a term for how people (minus people in the fashion industry) normally dress

  3. lol oh fashion people. "norm core" seems to be the whole thing GAP is doing with their "dress normal" slogan (which I hate). If this is norm core, then I like it too. lol I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind o girl.

  4. I love this off duty way of dressing, but I hate how they've decided to name it & call it a trend! Ugh. I love those sandals & the oversized yet cropped shape of the sweater!


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