September 11, 2014

Under Armour #IWILLWHATIWANT Event with Glam Media

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Thursday night I was invited by Glam Media to attend Under Armour's #IWILLWHATIWANT event on the roof of the Hudson Mercantile. When someone says there will be fashion, a fitness class, and cocktails...then I'M THERE! I don't talk much on here about my fitness routine but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you know that I love a good work. Under Armour is a fitness brand that not only is about fitness but really promotes strong woman (mind, body, and soul). Their new campaign #IWILLWHATIWANT truly proves that point by picking woman like Misty Copeland, Lindsay Vonn, and now Gisele Bundchen. Each of these woman faced diversity and who are strong bold in their fields. These women are truly doing what they want and killing it along the way. When the Misty Copeland campaign hit YouTube I couldn't help but get chills. There is something about their ads that really drive it home for me, that makes me want to push my workout sessions a little harder. So when Glam Media asked for my attendance I knew this was a night not to miss.

Under Armour not only provided an amazing trainer, Natalie Uhling (check her out!) to kick our butts for an hour but also provided all our workout clothes for all attendees and guest. Of course I brought my husband as my plus one since we work out all the time together. We do bootcamp and kettle bell training as well as we have been training for the Civilian Military Combine but Natalie Uhling really made me work muscles I never knew I had. My butt was literally hurting by the end of the night. As intense as it was I loved every minute of it. I mean, how could you not when you have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building and great music blasting.

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all clothes c/o Under Armour
SHOP THE LOOK: Tank Top, Sports Bra, Capri Pants, Sneakers

all photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh
see more photos here

I can't thank Under Armour and Glam Media for this night to remember. This is getting filed into the I feel very blessed for how far I've come in the blogging world. To be apart of a campaign that is amazingly noteworthy...I just feel so...blessed.

Check out the new Gisele Bundchen campaign:

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